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his body of work is presented through lithographic prints, wallpaper and newsprint across the space. These materials are tests for the artist to consider how photography can be experienced in a different way in order for it to create an exhibitionary affect.

Bird Sound Orientations

Translating from Hausa as ‘tales’ (folk or fairytales), Tatsuniya centres improvisation, childhood and colloquial methods of self-development. Across these video works and photographic images, students are seen playing in scenes choreographed during collaborative workshops.

Vul’ Umhlabathi

UMHLABATHI Collective brings together eight Johannesburg-based photographers at varying stages of their respective careers.

BLK JKS, Mandla Mlangeni, Brother Moves On Headline Fête de la Musique

Selen Daver, the Cultural Attaché for the French Embassy of South Africa, said, "Over the last decade, Fête de la Musique has grown to be one of the most anticipated experiences amongst avid festival-goers in Johannesburg.

A Cloud

As a response to the fatigue of everyday mass media statistics about both the infections and mortality rates, conspiracy theories pertaining vaccines, spats regarding the origins of this pandemic and the discomfort caused by global lockdown regulations; Musa Nxumalo curates this exhibition with an intension to bring to the fore the ideas that are explored by contemporary visual artists who are actively exploring ideas and producing work during this complex moment of our lifetime.

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