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Articles written by Molaodi Wa Sekake

Managing The Rage of Black Working Class Youth

I came to understand that this complex consists of white males who control the SA economy — from finance to arms. In the context of such a reality, [the] BEE policy became nothing else but a search for a niche in the prevailing power structures by the 'aspirant Black bourgeoisie', hence their inability to constitute a radical break from the economic logic of the old order

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Black Men: Amateurs or Charlatans?

When Black men speak of systemic anti-Black racism, and some white person comes and says “no I’m not racist; I have Black friends or I have adopted Black kids,” we tell them off. Why? Because we firmly believe, and correctly so, that, “by virtue of their whiteness in this anti-Black world they are structurally privileged, it’s not about individuals and their so-called well-meaning gestures”

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Review: Mandela Is Dead

I carry the burden of the broad based joke that has only Rupert, thuma mina and Motsepe laughing. I lift the eternal aim of bereted bullets dismembering mabhush, I lift the jealous curses zaboDlamini khohlakele, the mpimpi accusations, the spells zenyoka yomlilo, the xenophobic death treats ngeneklace, the tuberculosis spits, Matansa I dig this this continent."

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