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Articles written by Molaodi Wa Sekake

Black Men: Amateurs or Charlatans?

When Black men speak of systemic anti-Black racism, and some white person comes and says “no I’m not racist; I have Black friends or I have adopted Black kids,” we tell them off. Why? Because we firmly believe, and correctly so, that, “by virtue of their whiteness in this anti-Black world they are structurally privileged, it’s not about individuals and their so-called well-meaning gestures”

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The Lords of Humanity Are Offended, so Dr. Lushaba Must Die

Lushaba's crime? To stretch political science beyond acceptable limits set by the Empire. He blasted off the lid that protects the dominant canon in the political science discipline as we know it. By so doing he gives political science an existentially responsive content and outlook when it comes to the lives that it had been made to overlook and violate. And so, yes, his pedagogical approach offends white epistemic sensibilities. Lushaba's argument, as I understand it, is very simple and logical.

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Managing The Rage of Black Working Class Youth

I came to understand that this complex consists of white males who control the SA economy — from finance to arms. In the context of such a reality, [the] BEE policy became nothing else but a search for a niche in the prevailing power structures by the 'aspirant Black bourgeoisie', hence their inability to constitute a radical break from the economic logic of the old order

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