The Pendulum of Purpose by Wazi Kunene read by Ebenhaezer Dibakwane

Plagued by a perturbed spirit,
Now, faith flees amok
Colonised by
A gust of mood;
Slumped on the chest, gives a withering look
To the remnants of a dream devoid of language.

“Again” coaxed the Savage need

I bellowed,
Frantic with doubt.
Also, wanting.
Oh my soul’s vice!
The need
I swithered as to whether to rot or drown.

To drown.

Now, wheedling faith
Though it is shrivelled bones;
Speak it
To a boat
Perhaps, elude the deluge
The need

Spurn reason.
But the waters are sparring
Spurn reason!
But the waters?

Faith drifting to leeward.

Is this good?
Where is the chaos?

I am anguished by a spirit sated only with madness.
The plague-cum need
Is there reason?

That’s faith!
Is it?

Twirling around the mouthed waters,
On a desperate wading
-As if parodying a miracle.

Mine, to salvage