We’re Done Talking to Whites

We’re Done Talking to Whites

We should stop fooling ourselves, bending over backwards trying to explain ourselves to white people. We have done enough talking in this country, we have four Nobel Peace Laureates to prove our stupidity. We have written long winded speeches to impress upon whites that South Africa is an abnormal society.

Black People have taken to social media in thousands if not millions, using every possible form of communication, from allegory to poetry, including well researched articles and statistics, graphic images of the many dimensions and multi-layers of Black Pain, to no avail.

We change our statuses on Facebook everyday to try and expose the evil of white Power and the preservation of white Privilege only to be blocked and to invite hate mail and death threats by Right Wing private military groups that are given free reign by our government. When we decide to protect ourselves, our children and our communities we are going to be branded terrorists and open ourselves up to further scrutiny and surveillance by the National Intelligence and its allies in the first world, whose interest is white peace at all cost.

I challenge Black People to join me and unfriend all whites on social media, exclude them from all conversations about the state of Blackness and what we must do about it.

Whites must talk to themselves and leave us the hell alone to figure out what we must do next to get out of the stranglehold of white power.

Whites must only be taken seriously when they have committed a class and cultural suicide. No liberal white should be taken seriously including those who led the Anti Corruption and Zuma Must Fall marches for as long as they live to preserve their state of privilege. When they talk to Black people it must only be in the vernacular, a language spoken by the indigenous people of that particular region.

Only when they have registered their children in overcrowded government schools are they worth listening to. Only when they stand in line in a government hospital, and fill long lines for governemt grants are they worth any meaningful conversation.

This is not hate speech or racism, it is a call for Blacks to isolate whites in matters that relate to Blackness in order for whites to have time to themselves and talk about what is the collateral damage of their daily existence in this country.

For 350 years we talked, we lobbyied, we negotiated, we begged, we threatened, we even prayed to a white god, we supported an all-white rugby team and an-all white cricket team. What do we have to show for it other than the 16 shacks, which burnt to ashes at KTC, leaving Black families in absolute devastation.

We have nothing to show for all the rhetoric but pain, sickness, unemployment, homelessness and landlessness.

The Black Middle class have bankrolled indebted lives with an appearance of success. This can not continue!

White people only know the language of the Empire, the language of power and preservation. It comes couched in reasonableness. Our demands must no longer be reasonable to an unreasonable system of white power and privilege. We must demand what the system cannot deliver and expect repression, our only fuel for the revolution.

When they offer 6% or 0% increase in University fees we must demand Free Quality Education.

When they offer market related or inflation bound salary increment in the mining sector, let us insist on R12 500.

When they offer allowences in the farms, let us demand nothing less than ownership of the land we till.

Whatever the system offers, we want more because we are worth more!

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Xola Skosana

Xola Skosana

New Tools of Analysis Required

New Tools of Analysis Required

I watched a white farmer celebrated on national television last week by the minister of Rural Develoment and Land Reform Mr Gugile Nkwinti. Why? Well, he gave 50% shareholding to the farm workers. In his interview, feeling elated, the white farmer said, "The Answer Is 50/50”.

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The lesson is that Blacks must not abdicate their responsibility to narrate their story of oppression as experienced by them. It doesn’t matter how much sympathetic others maybe, it remains our duty to tell the world of its atrocities against us and implicate all those who have taken part in our demise even though they may have become allies in the battle field.

Hope Restored

Hope Restored

The ANC emerged out of such christianized Blacks, who, as their first call of duty to liberate their people, saw it fit to go beg the Queen in England for inclusion in the whites only legislation and governing system.

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