Economic Freedom Fighters

Mbalula 100% Mad

The EFF condemns Minister Mbalula’s decision to allow Airlines to operate at 100% passenger capacity amidst rising numbers of COVID-19 in South Africa. Addressing the media today, the minister stated that his justification for this obviously reckless decision is based on the idea that all airlines are fitted with “high-efficiency particulate air filters” which, according to him, “are able to eat any form of virus, including coronavirus”.

De Klerk Apology Rejected

We believe that the time for empty apologies in South Africa as a means of reconciliation is over. Apologies for the brutality black South Africans have experienced has taken various forms in South Africa, with all of them being publicity stunts. There must be a decisive move from efforts of reconciliation to justice, as justice is the only form of recourse that can be taken against those who refuse to repent for the evils they have committed.

EFF Statement On The Racist Murder of Anele Hoyana by Fritz Joubert

This is an important story that should be on all our headlines. All major papers and news cables should be leading with this terrible anti-­black Farm murder committed by a white Springbok T-­shirt wearing racist man. The man videoed himself; meaning he wanted the world to know his actions, his words. He wanted his victim to be identifiable; he even promises him a punishment due to him.

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