Unlearn – The Return

Thoughts on Unlearn.

“MoMo Matsunyane and Khutjo Green 's Unlearn is a work of beauty, skill and simplicity. The production manages to both tug at the heart in that uneasy and disquieting manner and jolts one into a series of uproarious explosions. Watching MoMo play is a pure delight. While Khutjo's subtle guidance serves the material so wonderfully.” - Monageng “Vice” Motshabi, Playwright, Director, Teacher.

“MoMo Matsunyane excels in this production with spectacular movements on the stage to relay the story. Sometimes she's Angela, other times she's Ntangaa, and navigates across the borders of provinces, language, politics, culture, the suburb and the township, and makes it relevant with her command of language from tsotsi-taal, Sesotho to Spitori and Zulu with poignancy and humour. Under the directorship of Khutjo Green, Momo takes you to church, shebeen, home and the streets while cajoling you with laughter and endless departures for reflection on violence and abuse. The play also touches on the hustle and challenges of unemployment to psychological therapy and how we move on from trauma as if nothing happened.” - Chepape Makgato, Visual Artist.

Director’s Note

“Unlearn is a story about a complex layered young woman who, after a night of euphoric freedom and an unexpected turn of events, decides to make a choice that would spiral into a frenzy of questions about what really happened? It was very important for me to explore the notion of warped time and the unending knock-on effects that circulate in ourselves and those around us when we don't deal with the mental, behavioural and environmental issues that often times we don't have names for. Life is a merry-go-round and the vision for the show is and has always been about exposing the internal functions of emotions, bringing them to the fore and allowing them to have a voice alongside the physical body and text. Emotions dance. Emotions have a language and physical expression and in this piece we explore and play with the often unseen effects when people are dealing with anxiety and depression. And this is what I believe audiences will resonate most with. Their internal worlds collectively exposed and experienced.” – Green.

- “UNLEARN” will be running at the Pop Art from the 19th to the 22nd of September 2019. Further information at POPArt: Theatre | Production Company | Performing Arts Centre