Ndumiso Mdayi

On Anti-Blackness & Readiness to Heal

The township as a site of violence is characteristic of a concentration camp, where one’s choice of living or dying is determined externally. Indeed, in South Africa, the township is an expression of social death and a symbol of conquest. Underdevelopment, lack of infrastructure, violent crimes, lack of proper education and healthcare institutions, lack of electricity and water supply, make life in the township almost impossible.

Black Solidarity: Maybe Some Things Are Metaphysical

Every time Black people organize themselves against an identified enemy, on the basis of (progressive) principles, they soon collapse internally and give up on the objectives of the movement or organization. The presence of spies, who take classified information on next moves and programs to the enemy, doesn’t make it easier for the organization, movement and leadership.

On Black-On-Black Violence

While blackness, as an imposed reality, that creates a certain field around the subject, has come to be acknowledged as such, little has been done to problematise intersubjective relations between black people.

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