Sinethemba Sankara Bizela

Zahara Riding Loliwe To The Next World

An eclipse of a star like you will be felt by many. Stars and angels, indeed, belong to the sky where the Lord resides. Adieu, Zahara!

A Situation Called Can Themba

Can Themba never misses the opportunity ‘to dazzle the white audience with his vital mind’, says Bloke, because ‘he realized that a [white]woman will seek to patronize a man even into bed’.

Barotela bo Darkie: The Culture of Peeing on Blacks in White Universities

The Stellenbosch moment provides an image of a gun loaded with pee. A long liquid-like bullet fired on the laptop and study materials of a fellow student.

The Silent Cry of Zandile Mafe

Zandile’s silent cry at the altar means that a wretched body like him is guilty until proven innocent. His hopelessness represents many damned black bodies in South Africa who are persecuted for being poor.

Ode to Moses Taiwa Molelekwa

I see you, Taiwa, passing through such darkness and never coming back. Such great pieces of music inaugurate your death.” writes Sinethemba Sankara Bizela

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