Jozi’s Festive Joys

Jozi’s Festive Joys

Johannesburg’s cultural heartbeat anticipates a new entrant as the city prepares to welcome 'A Marry Little Christmas,' an original South African comedy by playwright Greg Homann. Scheduled for staging at the Market Theatre from November 29th to December 24th, 2023, this theatrical endeavour promises to enrich the city's festive repertoire.

Conceived during the lull of the 2020 pandemic, this comedic creation by Homann, also the Artistic Director at The Market Theatre, finds its artistic breath under the direction of the acclaimed Charmaine Weir-Smith. Featuring a nine-member ensemble cast, the play is poised to engage audiences with its witty narrative and adept performances.

Reflecting on the genesis of the play, Homann reflected, "This play has been a few years in the making, with the initial idea for it dating back to an animated festive lunch with my own family. Although not based directly on my family, the roots of it are deeply connected to my family dynamics and antics.”

This Mzansi original is set on an unnamed golf estate somewhere on the northwest edge of Johannesburg and promises to be the heartwarming holiday comedy you need at the end of this year. Its story about family, love, misunderstandings, and the topsy-turvy nature of following cultural practices will lift spirits and leave you smiling.

Arnold Hartmann is 45 and three-quarters. He has big plans to propose to Natalie Cloete before hosting the perfect ‘traditional’ Christmas lunch to unify his and her family. But a nightmare has caused him to oversleep, and before he can build up the courage to pop the question, the two families have started to arrive…

The ensemble cast, comprising Antony Coleman, Kim Cloete, James Borthwick, Judy Ditchfield, Louise Saint-Claire, Ilse Klink, Roberto Pombo, Zolani Shangase, and Trevor Lynch, pledges to infuse the production with seasoned artistry, offering depth and authenticity to their character portrayals.

Beyond 'A Marry Little Christmas,' The Market Theatre and Windybrow Arts Centre have collaborated to present "The Terrified Talabalushi," a new play with music geared towards children. Directed by Omphile Molusi, this production promises an engaging experience. Multi-instrumentalist and composer Volley Nchabeleng creates an immersive atmosphere with live music, enhancing the play's storytelling.

The Kwasha! Theatre Company, known for their production "Skin We Are In," brings this tale to life, featuring actors Sanelisiwe Yekani and Siyambonga Mdubeki.

Set in the Knysna forest, "The Terrified Talabalushi" follows Tokkie, a young Talabalushi who is scared of everything, particularly light.

This play provides a safe and entertaining exploration of fear's emotions while fostering an appreciation for the theatre. Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this enriching theatrical experience suitable for all audiences.

For those seeking a multifaceted, intellectually stimulating, and artistically invigorating theatrical experience this festive season, the Market extends an invitation to immerse oneself in the enchantment of live performance—a realm where entertainment, cultural reflection, and artistic exploration converge to create an indelible tapestry of experiences.

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Tsakani Shingange

Tsakani Shingange

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