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The Mother of all Eating (… and the looting continues!)

Zakes Mda’s satirical masterpiece set in Maseru, Lesotho (and first performed at the Sechaba Hall of the Victoria Hotel in Maseru in 1992), explores the debilitating culture of corruption and greed known as ‘eating’. A culture which has become synonymous with corrupt state officials who enrich themselves by abusing government funds.

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The Peculiar Persecution of Zabantu Ngcobo

Indeed, the reason why I am writing this is because I have been witness, over the cause of several months, to a total disregard of ethical media practice that has completely devastated my friend’s life. The rote repetitions of spurious and utterly bizarre accusations levelled against her have only been the proverbial nails in the coffin.

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The Art Of Series

Mpho Sebina performs a collection of her signature neo afro-soul songs and talks through her creative process and challenges of being a creator during lockdown. Legendary Jazz artist Paul Hanmer performs a solo piano concert of titles from this latest studio album and classic compositions through the years, in conversation with Brenda Sisane, they decipher the music and their parallel histories.

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A Night of Alternative Bliss

It’s almost a year into various levels of lockdown and artists’ innovation simply knows no limits! The Joburg-based duo, Centipede, is giving us a taste of an alternative sound, they’ve been crafting throughout lockdown. Nandi Ndlovu aka Saylahasee, whom you might know from Kajama, joined forces with Hlasko aka Neo Mahlasela to create Centipede.

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Dear Sis Dolly

After 25 years of his Rolls-Royce of lies. And my long base Siyaya patience. Trying to build a home, with him in mind, for our children... I found BooSassa in bed with the help, Agrizzi. I would give up my kidney and Louella pair to turn back the arms of time, to uncry the manifesto of tears that elected to condense me into a soapbox of fools right there in front of our creased bed linen and their damp devil may care birth suits.

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Where Is The Heart of Black Youth In This Leaking Nation?

The world is in a crisis, not because of the perils of a constantly looming nuclear war between the world’s ‘superpowers’ or the global pandemic caused by COVID-19 or the evident collapse of western democracy, but because of the vast spill of the structural control of white-supremacist-capitalist-patriarchal-racist institutions from the political, social, economic, religious, spiritual and educational.

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Lost In Translation

Our languages get lost in translation. And because we have been so fixated and obsessed with mastering our colonizer’s tongue, we have completely divorced ourselves from the beauty and philosophical paradigms of our native tongues. It is my assertion that our languages, in their uncorrupted states, hold the keys to what and who we truly are.

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