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Articles written by Makgotso Nkosi

Spin Venek

My father is a peculiar man. He used to carry a plastic paper bag with him that embarrassed me, but in that bag, he also carried one of my favourite things; his stereo, an old school Technics that needed the largest battery.

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Mandi Vundla – For Gogo Esther

Mandi Vundla is without a doubt one of the finest poets in South Africa. She has demonstrated her incredible range, mastery of her trade, and uniqueness in the profession for over a decade and this project is proof of her ingenuity.

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Politics Engulfed In Rhythm: Femi Koya

Femi Koya, a contemporary Fela Anikulapo Kuti, ploughs a familiar furrow, with a strong focus on the horns and plenty of up-tempo percussions. The Ankara-draped musician exudes such vitality and vigour. Koya is not your typical band leader, although he takes center stage during performances, his repertoire relies on how he seamlessly blends his voice, style and saxophone into the band’s overall sound.

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