Makgotso Nkosi

Depoliticizing Youth Day: A Betrayal of Its Legacy

To genuinely address historical wrongs and honour the struggle for justice, liberal democracies must actively engage with the past. Historical memory serves as a vital link between past injustices and present calls for justice.

Ancestory Reclaims Our Histories

In the book, Mkhize recounts folktales and writes essays that touch on a variety of topics, including love, community, identity, spirituality, and, of course, adulting, which is our favourite subject and current ache.

Jazz with A Spiritual Bent: Isambulo by Linda Sikhakhane

The desire for freedom in all its manifestations has always been at the heart of jazz, which has always pushed against any limitations, be it the chord changes, predetermined tempos, or melodies.

iPhupho L’ka Biko S(w)inging the Dream at Mangrove this Freedom Day

"Where words fail, music speaks," writes poet, Hans Christian Andersen. In South Africa, music is fundamental to the African experience. When confronted with racism, prejudice, and segregation, Black people have long sought solace and comfort in music.

Spin Venek

My father is a peculiar man. He used to carry a plastic paper bag with him that embarrassed me, but in that bag, he also carried one of my favourite things; his stereo, an old school Technics that needed the largest battery.

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