Mpilo Ngema

Safe Energy

They can never look us dead in the eye for fear of facing the truth we are—the spark they ignited and neglected. What are we to them but an interference and a collage of ugly adjectives: ungrateful, lazy, confused, addicts...

Phinda Mzala: The Dialogue (Mayendo Abwino)

The beautiful art hanging on the walls, the eclectic souls walking in and out of the organised chaos, strangers on their path to lifelong friendships exchanging light pleasantries, and passing around zols, beers, cigarettes and love are all a prelude to the music.


“Impambano is madness. An exploration of the aspects of ourselves that we might not always want to embrace or encounter. Reflections, revelations, and ecstasy. A congress of non-conformist, misfits, and Gods.” – Sick Sessions.


There is a looming decline in accessible live/jazz music venues in Johannesburg's inner city, with unemployment and a lack of discretionary income playing a significant role.

Awuphinde Mzala - For Culture’s Sake

A city that is as unpredictable as it is calm-as erratic as it is tranquil. Voetsek I love you Jozi, we all tell this cement heartbeat as it pours new life into our dreams and occasionally threatens a sudden cardiac arrest to our ambitions. Voetsek I love you Jozi.

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