“Impambano is madness. An exploration of the aspects of ourselves that we might not always want to embrace or encounter. Reflections, revelations, and ecstasy. A congress of non-conformist, misfits, and Gods.” – Sick Sessions.

Our rage is not directed at the machine; we are the machine. We've been sent here to provide a sonic experience that even we couldn't express in anything other than sound. If it is clutter, it is ours to never sort through and for you to find the parts/paths of yourself that you have lost and continue to lose while making a diligent effort to live (as you have been told). We were sent here to bring you to you.

There are places and worlds we visit not of our own volition, but because we were chosen for you and you for us. We have seen, touched, and heard God as she/he wailed into the depths of our souls, and that interpretation of his/her cry is our frequency for reaching out to you. We are non-conformist as a necessity... think food, love, water, and the gentle-harsh experience we have come to know as life-living. Think art. Think us. Think you. Think the paper-thin hierarchies that have existed for years, threatening the very fabric of your existence and subjecting you to a slew of fears.

Take a look at everything. Everything that tries to annihilate your essence…

We are here to sing, recite, strum, drum and blow it all to the ground. Eventually. One melody at a time. We will not, can’t stop-siyahlanya thina.

Journey with us…

Journey with:

Anam Manyati (Guitar and vocals)
Tshepang Ramoba (Drums and vocals)
Morena Leraba (Vocals)
Supporting act: Zaa Heshimu
Food, liquor and thrift stall (un_polished) on site.
At 54 Houses of Africa (32 Von Brandis Street, Marshalltown, JHB)
Contact: 063 568 5724 (Book/reserve a table)
Tickets R150 at the door and R120 at Quicket follow link to book
Quicket - Impabano

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Mpilo Ngema

Mpilo Ngema



There is a looming decline in accessible live/jazz music venues in Johannesburg's inner city, with unemployment and a lack of discretionary income playing a significant role.

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Awuphinde Mzala - For Culture’s Sake

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