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The Black Colonised & The White Settler Academic

Here I suspect is where we ought to look, for it is where the rain began to beat us. When we do, it will become evident that, twenty-five years after independence, Black people remain excluded from the circuits of knowledge and cultural production in South Africa. Similarly, we have as a logical consequence no role in the determination of our own society’s inter-subjective meanings, and its implicit norms constitutive of social practices.

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Blood Psalms

Blood Psalms is an epic series based on ancient African mythology. Currently shooting in the Eastern Cape and Gauteng, Blood Psalms chronicles the rise to power of a fierce teenaged princess, Zazi (Bokang Phelane from Keeping Score, Emoyeni), who battles a world-ending prophecy to navigate her people through ancient curses, long-standing tribal vendettas, and the wrath of the Gods.

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Contemporary Female Identities in the Global South

The exhibition is divided into three areas or worlds. The first is configured around the Fall, a realm where the natural and human worlds meet. The animal-human hybrid figures represent the second world of the exhibition. Hybridity refers to the mingling of species, races or cultures, a crossing of one thing with another.

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Celebrating Women in Jazz

The history of jazz music cannot isolate itself from that of women dating as far back as Mbaqanga that had an array of amazing girl bands such as Mahotella Queens, Jabavu Queens, Izintombi Zomoya, Manzini Girls, Dark City Sisters among many others.

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