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The Land Is Not Ours

The main argument is therefore that it is inaccurate to study colonialism as a historical phenomenon but it is a continuous affair that still defines the character of its former colonies. The presence of former colonial powers in the daily economic life of the so-called independent countries is something that continues to elude researchers, commentators and political activists alike.

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The System Will Always Be Offline for Blacks

We were all standing outside, subject to the scorching heat and all the elements. We were told around 1pm that most of the staff had gone out to lunch, and we should continue being patient – we will eventually get in. An hour passed, and with our complaints now becoming louder and louder, we were informed that “the system is slow today”.

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STILL references notions of ‘stillness’: from formal still life studies, to a slowing down in quiet contemplation. This exhibition imagines humankind’s resilience and perseverance during an unprecedented time of uncertainty.

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Organisational Renewal: WMC Keeps NEC In Line

The ANC is not very democratic in the way it elects its highest office-bearers — particularly the national executive committee (NEC). This should be the starting point for democratisation, if the organisation is serious about reforms in terms of how it is run. Failure to deal with the glaring structural misnomer means that the perceived gap between the ANC and the rest of the population grows each day.

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RECLAMATIONS, A Virtual Exhibition

RECLAMATIONS revisits the longest running mentorship programme in the history of African photography that continues to support young photographers in realising visions that reflect both the aspirations and disquiet of their communities. Since 2008, the Tierney Fellowship in South Africa has been leading in the identification of emerging talent in contemporary photography.

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Black Men: Amateurs or Charlatans?

When Black men speak of systemic anti-Black racism, and some white person comes and says “no I’m not racist; I have Black friends or I have adopted Black kids,” we tell them off. Why? Because we firmly believe, and correctly so, that, “by virtue of their whiteness in this anti-Black world they are structurally privileged, it’s not about individuals and their so-called well-meaning gestures”

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The Fermentation of the June 16 Uprisings

As a matter of fact, it was Khaya’s political activity that landed Biko in trouble when the two were arrested at school and detained. I recall how Bra Bisto, as Khaya was known, related to us as AZASCO members in 1995 how happy he was when Biko was arrested. This was because Biko was indifferent to political activity until that arrest.

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