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A Place Called Home

A Place Called Home is where Trevor Stuurman’s story and journey come alive. He places himself within the exhibition by personifying various themes and installations, all created to live throughout the home that is created by Botho Project Space, with furniture and homeware from Weylandts.

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I Am Live

Bassline Fest is excited to announce I AM LIVE featuring NAKHANE. After a forced hiatus of over two years, due to the Global Pandemic, Bassline Live is getting prepared to welcome Nakhane, back to home soil and onto the live stage, to entrance, excite and entertain fans.

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Déjà Vu

Some paintings start with a line drawing or a collage, but the composition happens when I’m not in the studio. The marriage I use to invent scenes is a coupling between imagination and references for composition-making.

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Indlela ibomvu

The title of the work Indlela ibomvu is borrowed from a Nguni idiom. The idiom speaks to the notion of a path or road ready to be travelled on. Indlela ibomvu is a meditation on the journeys that took my grandfather and many of my male elders disappearing into its horizons; namely to the cities for work.

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