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Dada Khanyisa – Good Feelings

“I took a lead from people just telling me what they see in the works. It made me comfortable in not just sticking to one narrative or pushing what I wanted them to see. I’m not precious about how people interpret the work so that’s why I’m shuffling the characters, seeing how they communicate next to each other and what narratives can be born from that.

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Black Solidarity: Maybe Some Things Are Metaphysical

Every time Black people organize themselves against an identified enemy, on the basis of (progressive) principles, they soon collapse internally and give up on the objectives of the movement or organization. The presence of spies, who take classified information on next moves and programs to the enemy, doesn’t make it easier for the organization, movement and leadership.

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Madoda Score Versus Lesoba La Mogodu

You downgrade the level of education to below lesoba la mogodu standards, to below international or even IEB standards, you remove maths almost completely because bana ba Botsang are as dom as their father in figures except money and introduce a worse than arithmetic maths literacy what what. You firstly downgrade the pass mark from 50% to 40%, then to 33.34%, now to 30% in order to push kids forward and you tick your boxes of success.

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Papa Penny Ahee!

“Back in the day, Tsonga people used to hide their Tsonganess, especially in Johannesburg. They would easily speak other languages and hide their true selves and heritage. This is slowly changing, but there are some who are still in hiding. My show plays a very important role in getting those in hiding to come out.

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Revolutionary comedy Vuka Machel @ The Market Theatre

Vuka Machel is a revolutionary comedy told by two chicken thieves from Kanyamazane, just outside Nelspruit in Mpumalanga. Through the eyes of this infamous pair, the audience is taken on a journey in which Samora Machel wakes from the dead to find his wife married to Mandela and Mozambique suffering. He challenges Mandela to all sorts of fights.

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Cross-Over Syndrome

Black people cross over into hell every year. The only person crossing over temporally is the one banking last night's offering. He too will soon be crossing back to hell as soon as the money lands in white hands.

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