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JM Coetzee is 80, Lewis Nkosi is Dead

It’s unfair. Lewis Nkosi is no more. However, John Maxwell Coetzee has recently celebrated his 80th birthday. Philistines who populate such gory spaces as “Im4theArts” have no clue. JM has already outlived Lewis by six years. Lewis is Black, JM is white, in a country stolen from the ancestors of Lewis by the ancestors of JM. Lewis is my guy.

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Peeling Shadows – Freeky-Deeky Mambo-Jumbo Voodoo Mystic Vibes

Peeling Shadows is the latest theatrical experience from KWASHA! This endearing play is about a detective named Pamela, on a quest to solve an investigation regarding three missing fraudsters. As the case turns cold, she encounters a mysterious young girl named Boang, wandering the streets alone. Little does Pamela know that Boang may just be the key she needs to crack the case.

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Civil War? — What Civil War?

The Europeans who are 'settled' in South AfriKKKa today are here as a result of a project of unprovoked European aggression against Afrikans. A violent project of conscious and sustained invasion that was characterised by mass murder, mass rape, land robbery and the destruction of cultural institutions carried out against the natives: Afrikans.

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Senekal, A Short History

Now that we can all locate Senekal in the Free State, it is perhaps befitting to reflect on the town's 153-year history and how it came to bear its name. The concentration camp (township) near the town is named Matwabeng.

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Nibesabani Abelungu?

Unlike many of us Black people, uBab’uHadebe went straight to the heart of the matter, as he sees it. In that very moment, he spoke what was in the hearts of many Black people. He said what many of us Black people feel deep inside, but will not dare say openly.

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Planet Afropunk 2020: Past, Present & Future Is Black

Through PLANET AFROPUNK, a space that has been curated for the global Black community to explore and celebrate the depth and breadth of what it means to be Black on this planet. As the engine room of the Black experience, PLANET AFROPUNK is a fluid, digital space designed to embrace the plurality of black stories and individualities that are experienced through Black music, art, conversation and activism, across borders and continents.

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Managing The Rage of Black Working Class Youth

I came to understand that this complex consists of white males who control the SA economy — from finance to arms. In the context of such a reality, [the] BEE policy became nothing else but a search for a niche in the prevailing power structures by the 'aspirant Black bourgeoisie', hence their inability to constitute a radical break from the economic logic of the old order

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