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The Pitfalls of Broadcasting Looting

Currently, the dominant narrative of the protests unfolding in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal is on the theft of items from businesses, especially large malls and shopping centres. Social media is awash of mask-clad people carrying television sets, maize meal, shoes and other consumer items—even medicines and sex toys (gasp!). No item carried by protesters (who are called looters) escapes the gaze of the reporter looking for an easy fix. The narrative has been set. The national consciousness is focused. The truth is lost in the horrors of burned buildings and raided storefronts.

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Jozi Satire and Comedy Fest

Speaking on the intended impact of the festival, STAND Foundation board member, Lesego van Niekerk shared; “The youth of 1976 rose up to claim their voices and their future. This weekend festival provides a platform for today's youth to share their insights, their fears and hopes using comedy and satire as their cultural weapons. We live in challenging times - comedy and humour help us to get through these times.”

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Is Kwesta da King of Afrikan or Katlehong Rap?

Kwesta, real name Senzo Vilakazi, the dude from the township of Katlehong, Gauteng, South Africa - popularly known as K1- who made good, recently dropped his fourth major album titled g.o.d. Guluva after a five-year hiatus. For the first time in his checkered career, the release is executed under his own (hopefully) label, Dope Dreams.

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She Bad Bad

She Bad Bad is a photographic exhibition for emerging Black female photographers in South Africa. The title is a celebration of their strength, courage and diversity, coined from the colloquial term “bad bitch”, She Bad Bad describes women whose photography re-imagines conceptual works of art through lived experiences. These are the “Bad bitches” of the industry.

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