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Writers Thrive in The Time of Corona

As an optimist, I believe after this, we may stand a chance of successfully advocating for a different way of writing – while earning our full salaries. In coffee shops, theatre bars, parks, our own homes and in residencies; finishing our novels, and during our book tours. Sadly, when we look back, it will not have been our employers who led the charge in this long overdue change… it will have been the Corona Virus.

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Covid-19: People Are More Than Numbers

I know that Black people are so used to death that they simply respond by saying “akuhlanga lungehlanga”, meaning this has happened before; or that it happens all the time. Indeed, One Million people died in Rwanda’s imperialist-induced Civil War. I’m sure we still can't make sense of 1 000 000 lives lost.

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Khamr: The Makings of a Waterslams

A Xhosa family also moved into Bernadino Heights; the first moment of integration our community had ever seen. After brief encounters with the family, everyone talked about how lovely they were. The implication of the statement was that they were not like the ‘other’ Black people living in townships and informal settlements.

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On the Politics of Online Learning

Why was there such generosity on the part of corporate (read white South Africa) to support UCT’s switch to online learning? I am going to hazard the answer. It was nothing but white South Africa buying itself cultural distinction and a mark of exception, which in future will be exchangeable as political and social capital

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