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his body of work is presented through lithographic prints, wallpaper and newsprint across the space. These materials are tests for the artist to consider how photography can be experienced in a different way in order for it to create an exhibitionary affect.

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Simphiwe Dana – MOYA

Recognizing her immense and distinctive talent, Simphiwe will be creating a new offering, MOYA. In this undertaking, Dana seeks to offer her audience a new experiential journey as she weaves her message through a story being told through the acapella roots of her music and the spiritual call there is in it.

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Bird Sound Orientations

Translating from Hausa as ‘tales’ (folk or fairytales), Tatsuniya centres improvisation, childhood and colloquial methods of self-development. Across these video works and photographic images, students are seen playing in scenes choreographed during collaborative workshops.

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International Women’s Day Must Also Evoke Unsung Pan-Africanist Heroines Such as Alice Kinloch

In as far as our locale in South Africa is concerned, as it stands the status quo of South Africa’s mainstream curriculum, pertaining to the subject of history, from the basic education level (namely from Grade 10 to 12) until undergraduate tertiary level, continuously renders pioneering leading figures such like AVK as perpetually invisible.

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