For Vusi

For Vusi

“I was always workin' steady but I never called it art
I got my shit together meeting Christ and reading Marx
It failed my little fire but it spread a dying spark
It ain’t pretty, it ain’t subtle, what happens to the heart” – Leonard Cohen

Vusi Beauchamp, one of South Africa’s most critically acclaimed artists, is suffering severe heart failure at the age of 44. His organs are shutting down. To save his life, Vusi needs urgent heart surgery, which will be conducted by a Cardiology Team at the Steve Biko Research Hospital in Tshwane. Kalashnikovv Gallery will host an exhibition in conjunction with Aspire Art to raise funds to cover the expenses of this operation. To get him into surgery, a selection of Vusi’s works will be auctioned online from Thursday the 4th till the 16th of April 2024.

We kindly ask if you would consider donating an artwork to auction towards Vusi’s fundraising goal of R500 000. Your generosity and support during this challenging time would mean the world to Vusi and his 10-year-old daughter, Nolita. Together, let’s rally around them and demonstrate the power of solidarity in the arts community.

Aspire Art kindly requests all artwork to be submitted by the 25th of March to 32 Bolton Road, Parkwood, Johannesburg. Transport can be arranged if required. Please contact Shmerah Passchier on 0780748537 or shmerahp@afda.co.za to make arrangements.


Aspire Art Gallery 32 Bolton Road, Parkwood, Johannesburg
Saturday the 6th of April 2024 from 11am to 3pm
Vusi & his family will be at the Exhibition
The exhibition will be open from Thursday the 4th of April until the 6th of April from 11am to 3pm.


From Thursday the 4th of April until Tuesday the 16th of April 2024
For more information, please contact Carina Jansen (Associate Art Specialist) at Aspire Art on +27 10 109 7989 or carina@aspireart.net
With much love & best wishes for Vusi’s full recovery.

The Kalashnikovv Team
The Aspire Art Team
The Beauchamp Family & Friends

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