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Black Theatre – A Very Serious Play (list)

An advertisement finds expression and interrupts, as I roll my eyes at the nerve of capitalism. I mean how dare it interrupt this artistically spiritual process, bestowed on me by time and destiny? As if talking to me directly Omagugu Makhathini's sultry sound echoes in the background — "yinde lendlela esihambayo" — in Nduduzo's Yehlisani Umoya.

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Consciousness in Black/Afrikan Consciousness

Lack of self-concept is part and parcel of the disorientation of the Afrikan Consciousness. This is exemplified in, for instance, directionless libidinal argumentation that debates who is Black? Who is an African? Whether Indians are Black etc. If you do not know who you are you will often project this type of self-second guessing.

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Providing Professional Pest Control Solutions

The Art world was shook at the news of Mamela Nyamza’s dismissal as the Artistic Director at the State Theatre in Pretoria - many were left asking questions. We understand racism, sexism, classism, ageism and all ism's because the actions exist as presuppositions of a deep culture of institutionalization. For too long artists have been made to believe that the success and value of their work is reliant on institutions - relegating themselves as the wardens and gatekeepers. By virtue, deciding for the artist whom its audience will be, while creating an illusion of autonomy.

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Blacks Continue to Be Humiliated

It is only a Black person who could be dehumanised like that in this world. Global racism has normalised the dehumanisation of the Black person to such an extent that everyone who views the video will start by the default assumption that the gentleman must have broken the law.

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Thandi Ntuli - Live at Jazzwerkstatt

“Leading this ensemble with musicians from in and around Switzerland, that I was mostly playing with for the first time, was an intense learning exercise as I navigated the intercultural dynamics as well as the nuances of each instrument that would help me articulate my vision on the score. We could not have achieved this in such a short space of time without the musicality and dedication of all the musicians I was honoured to work with.”

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Monster: The Inherent Fear of The Black Man

A young Black male between 18 and 35 is more likely to die from unnatural causes than anyone else. It is this age group that makes up a large percentage of the prison population. At more tertiary levels, Black males suffer from serious mental health problems. When he commits suicide or kills his loved ones, his actions are simplified as “what would you expect from him anyway?”

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