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The Great Depression

I used to think that depression was a fictional condition that weak people used as an excuse to get out of work. I remember a friend of mine told me she was diagnosed with clinical depression and I actually dismissed it as attention seeking.

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Riky’s Plight

He had called the music industry “a dark and lonely place”. A scene filled with smoke and mirrors and marred by toxic social phoniness. Ultimately, Riky turned out to be too sensitive for such an inimical ambience. And yet he lived for hip hop, kwaito and amapiano - in short, music generally.

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Festac 2022: Zanzibar

Friends, I can only imagine how Molefe Pheto must have felt, those 45 odd years ago, when visas or proper documentation was the other boxer in the ring. I want to report to you, I have my own formidable foe… Will corporate show up? It has to.

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Children of the Fallists

Today, Azania is ready for her first time in school. Disappointingly, she worships English as if it is better than any other language. I blame her father for that. The pre-school he had put her in prioritised the language more than our indigenous tongues.

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