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Ideology Is Key

Please man, if you have no ideology you are going to chase events emanating from the central antagonism. And since you don’t know what the main contradiction is you will be forming a political party for each of the secondary contradictions created by the main contradiction.

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The Basha Uhuru Creative Uprising

From the 16 - 21 November The Basha Uhuru Creative Uprising will take place at Constitution Hill. The festival will bring creatives together in an event aimed to develop and elevate creative talent within a variety of art forms including music, film, art, design, dance, theatre and poetry.

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Igama? Special Screening

The Bioscope and Mabu Art Foundation is proud to host a special screening of the play 'Igama?' that was performed as part of this year's Grahamstown National Arts Festival. As you might remember, this year's festival was done virtually, with the plays being filmed for audiences to watch at home. So this is a special screening of the play's filmed format.

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Joburg Film Festival 2020

Having to adapt to the new norm, the organizers of the annual Joburg Film Festival together with partners NFVF and GFC today announced that the 2020 edition of the festival will be staged as a two-day event later this month in the city of gold.

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There's A Tik-Kop On My Stoep

Democracy in 1994 came with renewed hope for the next generation. Millennial Black children began attending better schools than those their parents had been offered through Bantu education. As time will always tell, each generation has its vices. Every other family was gripped by alcoholism in the 1990s and early 2000s, and the 2000s and 2010s ushered in a narcotic subculture largely influenced by the nightlife in PE central

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Black Celebrities Part of the Capitalism & Anti-Blackness Project

Capitalism/anti-black racism use 'Black celebrities' (especially in the entertainment industry), to promote false notions of Black progress, success or excellence, and to ensure Black young people remain politically unconscious, by promoting a life style that is fuelled by the insatiable urge to accumulate as much bling as possible (not accumulate knowledge of self).

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