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Felanation 12 Year Celebration in Jo’burg

The name is familiar. The name is well known. The man is famous, a legend of some sort. For many things, his lifestyle, his style, his wives, controversy, music and politics. But what stands out the most is how unapologetic he was about his blackness and Africanness.

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Beauty Queen Executed

That natural beauty blinded the eye of the offspring of racists and National Party members. He was Jannie Beegte, a world-renowned professional body builder. On first sight, love became "blind".

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Mandi Vundla – For Gogo Esther

Mandi Vundla is without a doubt one of the finest poets in South Africa. She has demonstrated her incredible range, mastery of her trade, and uniqueness in the profession for over a decade and this project is proof of her ingenuity.

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Review: Metsi

Every human being has an inner voice that always whispers inside them. Some call it their spiritual being, or inner self. Others refer to it as their sixth sense. Sometimes it affirms one's daily choices, sometimes it interrogates those choices.

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#Reflection - Art in a Pandemic

I agonised over how to convert the live experience into the online domain. After trying out a few online poetry shows, the magic of real gatherings never once appeared. There was a clear barrier between the artist and the audience, constructed from plastic-metal casing and glass screen.

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Identity Redefined

Courage to step into unfamiliar grounds is a requirement to seek answers for unanswered questions and begin defining one’s identity. The attempt is met with complexities that require an open mind and willingness to explore and question metaphysical landscapes.

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