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We Need More Militant Youth

We must question the ideal of the youth being the solution to the current dated and spoiled cabinet who have their self-interests taking precedence over their civil service. The youth who thrust themselves into the rites of passage that leads them to the doors of ANC and Eff offices, the leaders of student unions, have often come under fire for inappropriate behavior.

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Black Men: Amateurs or Charlatans?

When Black men speak of systemic anti-Black racism, and some white person comes and says “no I’m not racist; I have Black friends or I have adopted Black kids,” we tell them off. Why? Because we firmly believe, and correctly so, that, “by virtue of their whiteness in this anti-Black world they are structurally privileged, it’s not about individuals and their so-called well-meaning gestures”

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The Fermentation of the June 16 Uprisings

As a matter of fact, it was Khaya’s political activity that landed Biko in trouble when the two were arrested at school and detained. I recall how Bra Bisto, as Khaya was known, related to us as AZASCO members in 1995 how happy he was when Biko was arrested. This was because Biko was indifferent to political activity until that arrest.

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Violence & June 16

A slave is an adult who has had to become a child all over again. This is the experience of black people who leave their homes as adults but spend the day as children in the company of white people and then put on their adult face on their way home.

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Twilight in Gomora

In the twilight a dog's wail can be heard in the distance, there is no real silence in the township, in between the stolen moments of serenity there are eerie sounds to remind the people of how low they fall on the food chain; a crying baby; a woman scolding her children for this thing or the other; a helicopter flying above the small houses looking for a stolen car; a terrifying gunshot in the distance.

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Bopha, Bopha, Bopha!!!

When I heard Mr Percy Mtwa (who wrote, directed and starred in the play) alongside his co-stars Mr Tshallo Chokwe and Mr Terrence Ngwila scream out those words at the end of the play, I couldn’t help but clap as hard as I could, yell as loudly as I could behind my mask and got on my feet. I looked around and noticed how everyone else who was in the theater had the same thought. These three gentlemen deserved the standing ovation they received.

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David Goldblatt’s Markers of Presence

“Lyricism seemed not only permissible but possi-ble. In the late ‘90s I became aware of colour as a particular quality of this place and its light that I wanted to explore. It seemed ‘thin’, yet intense,” wrote Goldblatt in the publication, Regarding In-tersections (Steidl, 2014).

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