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Die Volle Fokken Spy

Tasked with recounting the life and times of Jairus ‘Jakarumba’ Nkwe, a successful yet notoriously colourful problem child of Kwaito, the production in fact went beyond its call of duty as it drew crowds from all sectors of society, folk who thirsted for times yonder when street bashes and 6 to 6 parties were the order.

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Thina Singabantwa Base Afrika

The seminar series, hosted by the School of Journalism & Media Studies, ‘Southern Epistemologies Thinking Beyond the Abyss for a Transformative Curriculum’, took place at the Makhanda-based Pan-Africanist oriented school, Isikolo sama-Afrika (African School of Thought). The seminar created a space to touch the intangible: African histories and untold identities.

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Mofokeng Documented Life & Memory in South Africa

It is with deep felt sorrow and bereavement that the family shares the news that Santu Mofokeng, passed away peacefully on Sunday 26 January 2020 in the presence of his loving family. He is at rest now. His last days were filled with love and support from his family, including loving messages from friends and practitioners from all over the world.

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Laqasha & The Lost Art of Debt Collection

Once, my grandmother sent me to “landa leyompahla”, being fed up with asking for impahla that I never get, I got to the person’s house and said “ugogo ubethe ngizocela imali yakhe” without even blinking as the poor woman sat, watching TV with her family.

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Parents Meeting

The teaching medium is officially English and the default language is unofficially Afrikaans. Almost all the teachers are of an Afrikkkaner background. The more things change in this country the more they stay the same. So much for the much talked about 1976 Soweto uprisings.

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Pilani Bubu’s Folklore - Chapter 1

Generations of African history is undocumented or destroyed, the preservation of our culture and beliefs is an important asset, as we define and redefine our own identity. Through the technology of music and art, we find ways to capture what is left of our folklore and re-imagine the Africa we want to be.

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Bôna by Thabiso Sekgala

The exhibition’s title, Bôna, is a Sesotho word with a double meaning. As a verb, Bôna means to “see”. When used as a pronoun, the word translates to “them”. Sekgala’s photographs evoke this title through the responses they elicit from the subjects in the work and in turn us, the viewers.

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