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At What/whose Expense? “A Critical View of the State of Black Theatre Artists in South Africa.”

Over the past eight years I have found myself increasingly despondent, to even think there is a future for emerging Black theatre artists and arts businesses. This is because, while we have seen a huge development of many young artists, arts businesses and art entrepreneurs, we have equally seen the death and closing of many independent theatre spaces and companies; and a constant threat of survival for legendary Black institutions, that are just scraping by.

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Es’kia Mphahlele & Decolonisation of International Relations

Although this thesis may be read autonomously, prospective readers are however advised, that in order to fully appreciate its contents, they have to contextualize this thesis, as a sequel to its predecessor, in the form of my masters (MA) dissertation, which was entitled Africa’s Contribution to International Relations Theory: An Afrocentric Philosophical Enquiry (2012).

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I Have Lived

When I tried to stand up to leave the office, I realized that I couldn’t move. An overpowering, peculiar kind of emotional pain weighed me down, forcing me back onto my chair. It was the pain of denial.

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The Drunken Republic

Many years ago when the Limpopo government failed to deliver books and other learning materials, the smart ones suggested that if that task had been given to the South African Breweries (SAB) those materials would have reached their intended recipients. Since then, it has been fashionable to cite the “impeccable” SAB model when individuals criticize the state and its SOEs for their service delivery failures.

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