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Study @ Market Photo Workshop in 2021

Back in 1998, Market Photo Workshop alumnus, Themba Hadebe found himself in a decrepit Hillbrow alley strewn with what perhaps in hindsight was to become the new South Africa. Four years into the democratic project, municipal services were deteriorating, and in that grimy alley, Hadebe trained his camera on a police detective. Black, blue shirt, black shoes, tie, and pants lined to a crisp.

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Poetry Over A Pandemic

Poetry Over A Pandemic is the proverbial oasis in the midst of a scorching desert sun and thus will provide much needed relief and sanctuary, restoration of a sense of community and healing that only poetry accompanied by hauntingly beautiful and soothing sounds of a variety of indigenous musical instruments can provide.

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The Unfulfilled Life of Fighting with The Blunt Blades of Bravado

There is something softly solemn to Lorin Sookool’s musing on South African coloured identity and the sense of living with an instinct to defend oneself in a world that confines you. Like living in prison, it can be a life unfulfilled. Sookool’s film The Blunt Blades of Bravado contemplates this confinement of personhood that turns people of colour into stereotypes of violence, and at the same time, the film breathes into the wound of living in constant fear.

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Makhafula Vilakazi – The Gun That Shot Verwoed

It is this conversation that Makhafula Vilakazi invites us to in this year’s solo show titled Concerning Blacks. Perhaps even more than just a show, he invites us to a moment of self-reflection, where we are left with no choice but to confront ourselves and what we have become. In his work, Makhafula minces no words, pops open the rotten wound caused by ‘post’-apartheid deception.

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The Kyle Shepherd Trio Return to Untitled Basement

The award-winning pianist, recipient of both the coveted ‘UNISA National Piano Competition Award [2015] and the ‘Standard Bank Young Artist of the Year’ Award [2014] in the Jazz Category was selected for the South African Broadcasting Corporation’s [SABC 3] ‘21 ICONS South Africa Season III’ [November 2015] for “his ability to transcend cultural barriers by using music as an art form to communicate commonalities and differences across diverse nations.

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Bokani Dyer’s latest album ‘Kelenosi’ was produced during lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic when access to other musicians and live performance were non-existent. ‘Kelenosi’ is Setswana for ‘By Myself’ and was Bokani’s creative outlet during this time.

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Whisky Live Festival Jaunt

I could not leave of course before I thanked my ancestors through the much beguiled J&B Jet. It is the reason I’m on this Whisky sojourn after all. As we bumbled our way out at the end of the evening, I heard someone say same time, same place next year, and I realised It was a grand event for grand laaities who lost their sophistication somewhere between the Glen Grant single malt and Michael Kors’ rather pricey fragrances.

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Implications of Defending Afrikan Thieves

“Always bear in mind that the people are not fighting for ideas, for the things in anyone’s head. They are fighting to win material benefits, to live better and in peace, to see their lives go forward, to guarantee the future of their children. We should recognise as a matter of conscience that there have been many faults and errors in our action whether political or military: an important number of things we should have done we have not done at the right times, or not done at all.”- Amilca Cabral

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