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Embracing Blackness Means Forgetting Gandhi

According to South African historians (As reported by BBC), Ashwin Desai and Goolam Vahed, Gandhi believed in separating the Indian and African struggle. They document him writing to the government in Natal in 1893, "general belief seems to prevail in the Colony that the Indians are a little better, if at all, than savages or the Natives of Africa".

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A Child, Race and a City: Navigating Cape Town's Racial Contours

Since childhood I have been intrigued by what it meant to be black, finding it deeply unfair that it was my lot to take. Immersed in the diverse setting of Cape Town’s urban working class, my context demanded that this be considered with the highest application of my mind, for it was not obvious. Somewhere in the many hues of brown that made up my inner-city day-to-day life, there I stood — distinctly and without any question, a black girl-child. With no consultation or space for rebuttal.

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Long Read: Mbembe's Postcolony

Because Africans are considered objects, they are forced into labour to become producers of wealth for the colonisers. (pg 28) Being an animal meant the colonised lived for the uses and pleasures of the colonisers. This also created a relationship of domestication, where the coloniser perceived the colonised as something to be groomed and given “affection”.

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Indaba Is – Umdali

It is believed that each generation has its Sanusi, that will stand in the gap of faith between other realms and the physical world. They would intercede for humankind to find their way back to who they are. It is no far cry that conjurer of spirits through song, Sibusile Xaba is the person for this generation. He who birthed Umdali with Naftali, Fakazile Nkosi, and AshK and offered it to us as an anecdote that is to convey messages to us about where we come from and who we can be.

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Jazz and Black Consciousness

Jazz and Black Consciousness both emerged out of efforts of Black people to find their own voice in an anti-Black world that denies Black people a sense of being and belonging that is at variance with the stereotypical portrayal of Black people as subhuman and inferior beings who are incapable of making and developing any refined and distinguished philosophy, science, art and culture outside the proprieties, protocols, conventions, canons, and orthodoxies of Eurocentrism and outside the regimes and regiments of White Supremacism.

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Joe Biden Is Merely an Older Version of Bill Clinton

As I was watching the celebratory dances of Black people in some parts of the United States of AmeriKKKa, when it was announced that Joe Biden was now their 46th president, my mind went back to the same celebratory scenes when Barrack Obama was elected US president and the hype around him being the first Black president of the USA.

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The Untold Story of Piet Ratombo

Closure. We all need closure. Closure is what many families were deprived of when their loved ones were assassinated by the Apartheid police or sentenced to death by hanging and some given a pauper's burial for their political convictions.

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