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South Africa is Coloured by Blood More Than Race: An Oblique APPEAL to Dali Mpofu

The hand often credited with painting the rainbow nation is long gone. The colours of its work are faded. Yet, FW de Klerk, the man who held the palette of democracy alongside Mandela, is still alive. If it weren’t so heartbreaking, it would be laughable that some were stunned by his recent ‘apartheid wasn’t a crime against humanity’ comments. Even more bizarre was the apology from his foundation.

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Mmabatho Montsho – Mother of the Black Nation

In the African culture it is believed that in the combination of a name and its bearer you find a conception of identity; when naming a child you bestow upon them a life of purpose, which will inevitably influence their behavior and circumstances. If you are not an adherent of this old age adage, the inspirational stance and influence of award-winning filmmaker, Mmabatho Montsho, could be the hand that ushers you to the alter of conversion.

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The Colour of Sunday

Sundays in Soweto are usually days of constraint. There’s a quiet yearning about them. A yearning for the past, both personal and political. Something captured wonderfully by the terms ukubluza and babalaas. The streets are calmer and are coated with those finishing off Saturday’s libations and others in their Sunday best, post-worship. For some, moshito o'tswela pele! After all, yurugu beckons on Monday morning at the plantation.

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The Hidden Dangers of the White-Liberal Narrative

Long before the National Party (NP) came to power or apartheid was made law, we the natives were already a conquered and subdued people. Some of the historical records suggest that there was invasive European presence (Portuguese) in the southern tip of Afrika, as early as the 1400s. This was followed by Dutch invasive presence in the 1600s, in what is today known as the Cape Peninsula.

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Ukujola Nabantu Abangenamali

Lento i-simple bahlali. Simple. Abo-brokie must date in their own calibre, level or whatever. Stay away from partners who are flat broke but bane expensive taste. Izimbungulu lezo and they will milk you dry. Wothi ngasho. Bayakubalekela futhi nemali mayiphela as if bona banayo.

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Justice for Bra Mike

In the longest running trademark case —in the history of South Africa, 19 years to date, the acting judge Keightely, in Johannesburg High Court, refuses to grant Bra Mike leave to appeal a contempt of court judgement.

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It’s All About the Music

During this month of love, it is all about the music as the Gauteng-renowned duo The Rhythm Sessions, in collaboration with NuTown Soul, bring you a brand new offering from their new extended play record (EP), which launches on Friday, 28 February 2020.

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