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Black to Reality

George Floyd. He cried, “mama!” as the white policeman, Derek Chauvin, pressed his knee against Floyd’s neck – and they say she died, two years ago to the day, that he himself is crying for his life to be spared. When his mother is not responding, George sighs his last breath, exiting the theatre of the living. I imagine Derek Chauvin saying, “Die, Nigga!”

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It’s A Coup – Concourt Hands Power to Capital

What is apparent is that there could be nervousness about many of the agreements made during Codesa negotiations. The storm which swept South Africa earlier in the year over FW de Klerk’s comments about apartheid showed that the ‘sunset clauses’, especially those relating to the protection of private property rights, have lived beyond their sell-by-date. These matters cover land, mines, banks, and monopoly industries, that is at least according to former Cosatu economist Prof. Chris Malikane. This is the ‘never-centre’ of what the South African economy is all about.

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Church-boy Heartbreak

So, on this night I let her in my bed and went to work, prying gently, loosening joints, stretching fingers, to find in her palm, her heart wrapped in a bible verse. John 4, the perfect psalm for the woman who has come to understand the secret pain of the Samaritan woman.

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My Pen Is Inside Feminism!

Since we agree that anti-blackness subsumes the entire Black race without taking cognisance of, inter alia, gender and class, how does Black feminism still privilege the discourse and gestures predicated on gender consciousness and not on Black consciousness?

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Kabelo cites a trip that he went on to Zambia as a life changing trip in that it brought his attention to the harsh realities other people were facing on the African continent and forced him to introspect on what his contribution to the human race would be.

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