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Eswatini Is Burning & The Whole World is Watching

How I wish I could have made my first contribution to an international publication under different circumstances, not the one we are currently experiencing. Since yesterday I have been trying to come up with words to describe this hell we are living under to someone outside our country, so that they may see this mess vividly.

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Blackness is Insurrection

To understand what demonising Black protesters leads to, we must look no further than the history of our own country where the co-ordinated vilifying of Blackness has existed since the formation of the Union of South Africa. It is not fashionable to use history to analyse present times, but we must first look backward to understand what awaits us when we move forward.

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A Night Worth Every Missed Blink

The monumental Pops Mohammed followed, unpacking various musical instruments from his bag of tricks. He took hold of our imaginations through the screen and led us on "... a journey into the mystical past," before paying due homage to the likes of Nelson Mandela, the Dalai Lama, Helen Suzman, Maya Angelou and Malcolm X, among others whom, he poetically shared, "... stand for what you and me could be." He then, with his band, rendered a polyrhythmic audio therapy session that could easily be mistaken for a meditation melody before a shrine. He uttered a serene, "Welcome to the future," towards his closure.

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Black People not Constitution Under Threat

For those Black people who were oblivious to the reality of chronic and endemic Black inequality in South AfriKKKa, the advent of the Coronavirus and the lockdowns provided us with a crystallisation of this historically evolved and structural problem.

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