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Neo Muyanga @ South African State Theatre Fringe

Neo Muyanga is a composer whose work traverses new opera, jazz improvisation and African idiomatic song. Muneyi’s sound is a healing experience, a meeting with the gods. Pilani Bubu is never without a lived experience etched into her heart and mind. Thesis ZA's music has traces of neo soul, R&B, Afro soul and jazz.

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Spin Venek

My father is a peculiar man. He used to carry a plastic paper bag with him that embarrassed me, but in that bag, he also carried one of my favourite things; his stereo, an old school Technics that needed the largest battery.

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ZOË MODIGA – Ukubonga

Up next at the Bassline Live at the Lyric Theatre Series, in association with BET, is ZOË MODIGA, the multitalented award-winning singer, songwriter, performer, collaborator and ultimate storyteller.

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Afrika’s Rain Goddesses Are Angry

Modjadji is the Balobedu (Limpopo/Zimbabwe) Goddess. Her specialties are balance, restoration, weather, cleansing and fertility. She sends gentle rain that makes gardens and fields flourish to her people, and she sends droughts, storms and floods to her people’s enemies

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Home Affairs Beset with Challenges

The list of grievances includes disheartening queues, which commence beyond entrances of the majority of the branches of Home Affairs, key machinery being intermittently offline, fallible plenipotentiaries prone to bribery and most recently the growing calls for the resignation of Minister Aaron Motsoaledi

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