Event RSVP Information: Black Chatter

Event RSVP Information: Black Chatter

Thank you for RSVP’ing to Black Chatter, an event curated by CULTURE Review Magazine, to discuss Black cultural work in South Africa, the organisations creating platforms and the workers producing art.

The discussion includes CULTURE Review Magazine, The Johannesburg Book Club, Botsotso, Book Circle Capital and Šematsatsa Library. They are joined by visual artist, Mark Modimola, and poet Sarah Lubala. We also welcome attendees to participate actively in the discussions.

This gathering of writers and cultural workers will be hosted at The Troyeville House, a heritage site on 20 Clarence Street, from 17:00 – 20:00 on Friday, 10 December with a R20 entry. It is advised to be seated by 17:05, as the event will run on time.

Please wear a mask at all times during the event. Contact Tshiamo on +27 67 427 2554 if you have any queries.

Botsotso and Book Circle Capital will have books on sale during the event, while visual artist Mark Modimola will have artwork on sale.

CULTURE Review Magazine

CULTURE Review Magazine documents, memorialises and concerns Black Art and Black Life. The magazine is critical, archival and scholarly.

The Johannesburg Book Club

Founded in 2017, the aim of The Johannesburg Book Club is simple, and that is to get people reading. As a book club based in an African city, our main focus is on African Literature.


Botsotso is a grouping of poets, writers and artists who wish to both create art as well as to generate the means for its public communication and appreciation. We speak particularly of art that is of and about the varied cultures and life experiences of people in South Africa – as expressed in all our many languages.

Šematsatsa Library

Sematsatsa Library was first formulated to be a lifestyle brand engineered to inspire and feed off the culture and pulse of young African women. Ourcore vision is to raise the profile of African businesses and creatives, online and offline by excellently executing research-based initiatives, exhibitions as well as creative outputs. We envision to have a network of African businesses that share and collaborate on projects which have a direct impact in the creative economy.

Troyeville House

The Troyeville House was built in 1902 on a ridge overlooking the Johannesburg inner city. It is now a heritage site, immersed in the eclectic inner-city neighbourhood of 'Makers Valley', a microcosm of South Africa and the world.

Troyeville House seeks to bring together a community of changemakers to live, work and play together. It is owned by Akoma, a collective of people that are passionate about shifting society from a culture of exploitation to one of compassion and regeneration. Akoma champions initiatives that act as catalysts for the ecological, economic and social health of society.

Mark Modimola

I am an African Visual Artist, born in Pretoria. Originally a graphic designer, I consider myself a versatile creator, with a portfolio that explores the cadences of African identity and spirituality, often through the cultural aesthetic of African surrealism. My body of work is a reflective exploration of our collective subconscious aspirations within our complex world as Africans.

Sarah Lubala

Sarah Lubala is a Congolese-born South African writer. She has been twice shortlisted for the Gerald Kraak Award as well as The Brittle Paper Poetry Award and longlisted for the Sol Plaatje EU Poetry Award. Her work has been published in the Mail & Guardian, The Daily Vox, Botsotso, Apogee Journal and elsewhere. Her debut collection of poetry is set for publication by Botsotso in 2022.

These discussions will be recorded and uploaded to the CULTURE Review YouTube channel.

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