Loyiso Gangatha Ngceshu

The 1976 Generation's Blueprint for Youth

Youth Month in South Africa serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need to address the pressing issues that continue to plague the country's young population. Despite their potential and creativity, many young people in South Africa face staggering unemployment rates, social ills, and economic marginalization.

The 2024 General Elections: Change or Continuation of Political Jargon and Public Mediocrity?

The upcoming elections in South Africa in 2024 are unlikely to serve the interests of the people. Instead, they are poised to benefit the capital bosses. This assertion can be understood through a Gramscian-Marxist analysis, which highlights how the ruling class maintains its power and control over society.

DEMOCRACY OF MASSACRES: Reflection on the July 2021 Unrest

The arrest of former president Jacob Zuma (for contempt of court) was a true test of how South Africa’s democracy functions. His arrest resulted in an array of reactionary forces and populists seizing the moment

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