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Noni Jabavu Exhibition Goes Virtual

In Noni Jabavu’s case, the reasons for her marginalization especially in the context of South Africa, remains her imposed classification as part of the ‘black’ race and her gender. Others may problematically add her middle ‘class’ status, almost as similarly criticized with other ‘black’ female South African authors, such as in the case of her contemporary Mrs.

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Founding Origins of South Africa

For starters ‘South Africa’s history, precedes the fifteenth century. Details of the latter will be herein omitted because their superfluous for this paper’s core interest, of founding incidents that led to origins of ‘South Africa’. Conflicts birthed ‘South Africa’, dating back (as paraphrased from South Africa’s then deputy President Thabo Mbeki’s ode, to his predecessor) to the “first moment of black anti-colonial struggle” (Johnson, 2009:123) in the Battle of Salt River on 1st March 1510 .

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The Lives of Black Folk by CULTURE Review

Yes, even in these lands native to their forebears, where the settler colonists and their errand runners imagine that a dubious peace can hold in the midst of unending Black misery, these eloquent and unflinching voices find their purpose and beauty through clear visions that scythe through carefully curated webs of lies.

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