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Art & ‘Violence’

It is shocking how Black bodies are just available towards violence of any kind historically hitherto. From Mbuya Nehanda to Andries Tatane, the decapitated head of King Hintsa to the 12 500 demands of Mambush to Collins Khosa and Mthokizisi Ntumba, shade, class or tribe is no determining factor as long as you wear the black gown you are available to state violence.

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TSWALO: A Sonic Experience

Tswalo, conceived and birthed by the Theatre Duo (Mahlatsi Mokgonyana and Billy Langa), is in its fifth year of life – a feat seldom achieved by contemporary South African plays. Plays usually do not last longer than their initial runs due to funding, resources, motivation and variety of other reasons.

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Skop, Skiet en Donder Darkies

"When Wits black students were fighting for the doors of learning to be open as the Freedom Charter promises, police responded with violence. Those are the "black crowd control" techniques they know. Nothing else"

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