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Back of The Moon

One evening I watched The Suit which is about the moment when domestic happiness turns into domestic violence. Similar stories happen within my surroundings. It strengthened my belief of being against jealousy, harassment and marital strife, but perhaps the violence lies translated in the collage technique.

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Scripted – Scenes from South African Theatre: Daddies of Sugar

We are accused of being a silent administration- and today, we are here to become a vocal one … Thuma Thina. Thula nina! Welcome all members of the media to the revolutionary house! As your program director, I must tell you that we have no interest in taking any questions so please “ protect us from yourself” we fear of course that should it be that we engage in any critical discourse we may of course reveal some of our “Smallanyana Shelotans” and we are not keen Having an honest interaction.

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Afrikan “Leaders” Maintain Berlin Conference Agenda

What was the agenda of the Berlin Conference (1884-85)? So, instead of waging imperialist wars among themselves, this Conference sought to coordinate the project of European capture of Afrika, her people and natural resources, and divide Afrika (like a birthday cake), among the various European nationalities.

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