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The Opening Week of 2022

The latter point is vital because the ANC’s January 8th statement of 2022, emphasized their “safeguarding of democratic gains”. The ANC government’s poor service delivery and malfeasance since 1994, exposes the aforesaid remark as part of ANC’s meaningless rhetoric.

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Anatomy of An Opening

Such a great pity that the weather could not be governed. The Mayoral Committee had been planning the thing for a whole month, but as soon as the week of the well-funded occasion began, rain, heavy and non-stop, poured down for days on end.

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Bitter Fruit – The Playlist

Two years ago, to the day, I came to both the end and the beginning. The end of being ithwasana, and the beginning of being isangoma. A lot has changed; a lot has remained the same. One of my gobelas once said to me, ‘Go thwasa ga go fele’.

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