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Black Lawyers & Juju’s Political Malnourishment

“WE WERE losing cases with Black lawyers failing to submit a simple thing as one page. And then we must use the same services [and] lose cases so that we can be projected as the most disorganised organisation with no direction? To hell with all of you." Who said these words? Kaizer Matanzima? No. Lucas Mangope? No. Dr Mangosuthu Buthelezi? No. Mmusi Maimane? No.

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Amulets & Tin-Foil Hats

Sfiso Atomza popularly known as singer and songwriter from The Muffinz has released a three-track EP, titled Amulets & Tin-Foil Hats. The Music is a celebration of the Live instrument, bands, and his interpretations of the live groove influences that comprise the South African Live Music scene, which he feels should be re-introduced again as Mbaqanga.

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Khulekani Cele’s Fascination with Abstractions

Keeping up with the theme of ubiquity of Cele’s work, his expressions are not limited to the world of texture, colour, line, shape and space. He consciously affirms that his “body of work deals with themes of perception, the politics in identity and the transculturation of a Black man in contemporary South Africa.

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Hauntology & The Ghosts It Gathers

Life, especially Black life, is haunted. We are terrorised by constant persecution, the memories of our pasts and the anxieties of our future. There are many unsolved crimes, lost histories and sites where atrocities which once occurred can no longer clearly be seen -- “non-sites of memory”. We must recognise and address these phantoms. This is where the wisdom of, Ghosts, Spectres, Revenants: Hauntology as a Means to Think and Feel Future is helpful.

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A Word of Caution to Afrikans

Ordinarily, I should take pride in all successes, however minuscule, which project Afrikans in good light - such as when Shudufhadzo, Zozibini et al... who were crowned in beauty pageants, but my complements are tampered with caution when the celebration of such successes results in the advocacy of tribalistic propensity.

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State Theatre Reopens Doors

The SAST has had its doors closed to audiences since government imposed a national lockdown back in March. The result saw the theatre resort to taking its theatre programme online to not only entertain its audiences but to also offer relief to artists. The project which boasts over 50 productions, has managed to convey relief to over 500 artists during the trying times so far.

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Imbuzi Ikhala Kuphi?

What is that thing Bab’ uCredo speaks about in his book again, about goats and ceremonies? Oh yes, I remember it now. He says goats are representative animals, that let out our cries in the spiritual world. Thus, a goat is slaughtered on our behalf.

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