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Celebrating Women in Jazz

The history of jazz music cannot isolate itself from that of women dating as far back as Mbaqanga that had an array of amazing girl bands such as Mahotella Queens, Jabavu Queens, Izintombi Zomoya, Manzini Girls, Dark City Sisters among many others.

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We Are Running Out of Hashtags

In his series, Story of O.J., after 4:44, Nxumalo presents a selection of portraits of young black men standing semi–nude with only their pants on, an occasional hat, but no shirts. They pose for Nxumalo’s camera in the tradition of tattooed gang members being studied by law enforcement lenses trained on their torsos for toll-tales of lived criminality.

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The Name Polokwane is a Distortion of Black History

Legend has it that the real story behind the name is that the Zuid Afrikaanse Republic (ZAR) sent Voortrekkers to hunt down and kill Kgoshi Maraba Ledwaba I, as he had been mounting resistance against settler occupation of his territory. Whilst on his trail, these hitmen came across three beautiful Ndebele maids who had gone to fetch water by the river, and had settled on the river bank to make necklaces out of beads.

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