Rolland Simpi Motaung


Lift offers lessons on art theft through the manipulation of artwork’s value to influence buyers' perceptions, a manipulation of aviation systems, and the greedy coldhearted folks who can cause natural catastrophes for the sake of money and power.

…in conversation with Nthikeng Mohlele, author of Breasts, etc.

These themes are an invitation to reflect on our understanding of the feminine form in shaping our relationships and even career choices. The book is laced with overt erotic writings along with the narrator’s preoccupations of a post-apocalypse world without women.

In conversation with Torsten Clear Rybka

There are a lot of techniques to use to avoid “dying” on stage that can help you to recover and be able to deliver a brilliant performance. I always add humor to my sets to overcome nerves. Once I get the crowd to laugh, I know I have them in the palm of my hand.A clear poetic adventure at 27th Poetry Africa festival

J.Bobs’ Big Jump From Stage To Screen

Big Nunu’s Little Heist is a story about an ex-soldier turned delivery man - played by Tshabalala - who is drawn into a local kingpin’s bumbling gang to pull off a daring heist in an infamous South African township.

Healing The World Through Poetry

Yho! I feel like this question touches me in my studio! I have always valued my freedom. And have always seen myself as a “pack my bags nanini na” kinda woman. Now, I have to weigh up so many things against each other, does it make financial sense?

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