Sandla Mtotywa

The Revolutionary Suicide of #JoziToStellenbosch

Stellenbosch is like Greenville, Mississippi in the American South. It is the home of racists, the home of the Broederbond — where the architects of Apartheid; the owners of whatever we consume, from the toothbrushes we buy to the toothpastes we use, the soap we wash with, the cereals we eat in the morning, the clothes we wear and the media we consume, live.

The System Will Always Be Offline for Blacks

We were all standing outside, subject to the scorching heat and all the elements. We were told around 1pm that most of the staff had gone out to lunch, and we should continue being patient – we will eventually get in. An hour passed, and with our complaints now becoming louder and louder, we were informed that “the system is slow today”.

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