Brownsense.Africa Launches Business to Consumer E-Commerce Platform

Brownsense.Africa Launches Business to Consumer E-Commerce Platform

The BrownSense Group has taken the hassle and admin of running business online by launching a first of its kind e-commerce and procurement platform that connects entrepreneurs to a dynamic and diverse market of clients on the rest of the continent and the world.

Consumers can now benefit from the safety and convenience of buying 100% proudly South African products via brownsense.africa while also giving local businesses the opportunity to easily access global markets.

With online shopping now officially reopened under Level 4 Lockdown Covid-19 regulations and the promotion of local goods now mandatory, Brownsense.Africa will take the hassle out of online buying and selling by giving entrepreneurs access to markets through e-commerce.

Features include: secure trading, an automated warehousing and logistics network, a merchant and user rating system and BrownSense Verified merchants. BrownSense.Africa will be a vehicle for South African entrepreneurs to trade with the rest of the continent through the continental Free Trade Zone.


BrownSense Verified is a vetting and accountability system built on community and excellence which communicates to consumers that your business is not a front, you have integrity, you take your business seriously and you commit to maintaining BrownSense standards. Verification status is renewable annually, and BrownSense Verified merchants are given stickers to use for their brick and mortar stores, which promotes trust and encourages excellence in entrepreneurship.


BrownSense will be facilitating trade trips to various African countries, starting in Namibia. These will give entrepreneurs opportunities to network with other entrepreneurs from those countries, to form trade links and relationships that can help them develop their businesses. We will be hosted by the SA Embassy in Windhoek and we will meet regional trade stakeholders such as the SADC secretariat. BrownSense Travel will put together travel packages for transport, accommodation and meals on the account of entrepreneurs.

Head of Marketing and Insights at the BrownSense Group Keitumetse Diseko says: “The Covid-19 pandemic has forced a lot of countries to adapt digitally and strategically- Secretary General of the African Continental Free Trade Area Wamkele Mene recently acknowledged that the pandemic presents an opportunity for Africa to rise through trade, and as BrownSense, we share that position: BrownSense.Africa is an idea whose time has arrived. Since 2016, our digital community of over 190-thousand members has answered our clarion call to circulate the Rand within the Black community in order to increase meaningful economic participation while building local SMMEs. It’s no accident that we launch on Africa Day, as BrownSense.Africa is an integral enabler to the improvement of access to pan-African supply chains, and a decreased reliance on non-African assistance in building these value chains across the continent.

Sign up at brownsense.africa to securely #CirculateTheRand with BrownSense Verified merchants and service providers.


BrownSense.Africa is a joint venture between The BrownSense Group, which was established in January 2016 by Mzuzukile Soni as a proactive way to contribute to the creation of a more equal society through entrepreneurship, and ICT-Works, a Black woman-owned organisation that provides innovative ICT solutions.

Visit Brownsense Markets for more information.

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