Ub’Dope eSibikwa

Ub’Dope eSibikwa

In its 33rd year of developing world-class creatives, the multi-disciplinary arts and culture service provider, Sibikwa Art Centre has forged a unique partnership with Standard Bank Young Artist of the Year, Jefferson Bobs Tshabalala of Ub’Dope Shishini. Dubbed Ub’Dope eSibikwa, this partnership is for a season of dynamic performances and workshops from 01 February until 31 March 2021.

About Ub’Dope eSibikwa:

Naledi Lifetime Achievement Award recipients Smal Ndaba and Phyllis Klotz were ardent agents of destiny when they crossed and merged paths in the year 1988. Bra Smal an initiator of arts programmes that assist street children and juvenile prisoners, and Mam’Phillis in the forefront of arts training and development for girls and young women, the duo gave life to and nurtured what was to be called by many “ikhaya lethu” (our home); they proceeded to name their scion Sibikwa Art Centre.

As a response to the terrifying stories of Gender Based Violence rising from the COVID-19 induced lockdown, Sibikwa has, in these times of digital platforms, adapted with programmes like the Seriti Sa Basadi virtual event on Women's month in 2020. Furthermore, in keeping to their ethos Bra Smal has recently worked with the mixed-ability learners on Sophiatown and the new GBV project Banna ba sebele (Cinga! Wenze Ndoda!) – funded by the NAC; and Mam’Phyllis with a team of young women on The Amavuso Project, a multimedia performance project looking at the ‘blesser’ culture, performed and presented in partnership with Nhimbe Trust, Zimbabwe – funded by Pro Helvetia.

Established at a time of segregation, school boycotts, and civil unrest, Sibikwa remains the center of inclusion, social cohesion, community mobilization, and activism.

At a time of a different kind of social distancing, school boycotts, and unrest, Sibikwa walks a route much similar to that of its founders, and as if serendipitous and timeous Sibikwa has crossed and merged paths with multi-award winning theatre-maker, Jefferson Bobs Tshabala, to give life to a season of Ub’Dope eSibikwa.

“This collaboration will inject vigorous activities at Sibikwa wherein a slew of dynamic young artists who are already formidable practitioners will share their skills and talents with the youth and community of East Jozi.” Notes Tshabalala. “I will be facilitating workshops on performance, writing and directing to East Rand youths, and through my network, I have invited other dope people to bring more Dopeness to Sibikwa”

Sharing her view on Ub’Dope eSibikwa, Artistic Director Mam’Phillis states, “we found it imperative to keep the flame of innovation and creativity burning at Sibikwa, by bringing in fresh and young ideas and voices, and the young Ub’Dope Team.”

The schedule for the workshops will be announced as per Covid regulations. Visit the Ub’Dope Channel on Tixsa.co.za for tickets and the events schedule.

For more information email Vus’umuzi Phakathi on phakathi@currentstate.co.za. Follow Ubdope Shishini on Facebook, and @ubdopeshishinipha on Instagram for immediate updates. Also follow Sibikwa Arts Centre on Facebook, @SibikwaArts on Twitter, and Instagram for information on various programmes.

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