Spiritual Hygiene and the Body as a Site of Ancestral Communication

After four years of practice as isangoma in Johannesburg, Vuyiswa Xekatwane, also known as Gogo Mahlodi, presents Brunch with Gogo Mahlodi.

Taking place on the 30th of April 2022 at Native Rebels in Soweto, the second instalment of Brunch with Gogo Mahlodi focuses on spiritual hygiene and brings into focus the body as a site and tool of ancestral communication.

Gogo Mahlodi says the brunch was "born out of the realisation that many people raised in the urban context of cities often face similar issues of displacement and knowledge gaps regarding culture and their spiritual identity, Brunch with Gogo Mahlodi seeks to create a platform that allows for knowledge sharing and community building through intimate conversations around spirituality."

She continues, "from dreams to spiritual possession, mental health and everything in between, we look at the various ways our ancestors use the body to communicate their presence, their needs and sometimes, even impending events or danger."

In addition to the body as a site of communication, "we also consider the indigenous understanding that mind, body and spirit are different components of one unit. How do our environments and consumption affect our spiritual wellness? What does it mean to be spiritually hygienic? How do we nurture our spiritual health? These are the questions we seek to answer as we share, eat and engage all our senses in communion with not just our ancestors, but with each other as well."

The brunch features a guided workshop session followed by brunch and a Q&A session. Tickets for Brunch with Gogo Mahlodi are R500 and include the meal and bottomless mimosas.

For more information on the event and to purchase tickets please contact: ugogomahlodi@gmail.com