Dr. Tshepo Mvulane Moloi

Why Messi Isn’t ‘The GOAT’

Owing to Messi’s latest victory, the pertinent question that has continuously stood out from football spectators worldwide, has been what may be the appropriate reply to the debate seeking which soccer player may colloquially be referred to as the Greatest of All Time (GOAT).

Review – African Voices In Search of A Decolonial Turn

In the maiden chapter, Zondi opens with a pedagogic overview befitting of an editor who goes out of his way to channel the direction of the “protracted process” (Pp. 6) of engaging issues of an “African archive” (Pp.7). Zondi’s Chapter 1 built upon the useful foundation and tone, already set by Ethiopian scholar Mammo Muchie, in the didactic foreword.

DITAU Primary Honour Former Principal

"Knowledge is Power"). Located at 6604 Madala Street in Orlando East, Soweto, the school was honouring 89-year-old ex-principal Edward TM Tenza. At present the initial address of DITAU Primary School on Taukobong Street in Orlando East, Soweto is occupied by DITAWANA Lower Primary School.

Sacred Heart College and the Unrest of 1976

In Meadowlands Soweto, the Johannesburg Heritage Foundation unveiled a Blue Plague in honour of the founding President of the Pan-African Congress (PAC) Robert Sobukwe (1924-1978).

Home Affairs Beset with Challenges

The list of grievances includes disheartening queues, which commence beyond entrances of the majority of the branches of Home Affairs, key machinery being intermittently offline, fallible plenipotentiaries prone to bribery and most recently the growing calls for the resignation of Minister Aaron Motsoaledi

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