We Warned Brother Mmusi Maimane

We Warned Brother Mmusi Maimane

It was Muntu ka Myeza, that political giant of Azania, who once said that, "if you forget you're black, the white man will remind you".

When they were still high up in the Democratic Alliance, Lindiwe Mazibuko, Mmusi Maimane and their friends thought we were jealous of their "success" when we told them that they were "experiments" in the DA.

This past Saturday the DA stalwart Tony Leon didn't mince his words in an interview with News24. He said it loud and clear that Mmusi Maimane was "an experiment that went wrong". Among other things, he was talking about his new book Future Tense, which has exposed the Present Tension of race relations in the DA.

Maimane, who was rudely dumped by the DA, seems hurt by Leon's statement. "I was in no way anyone's experiment", he said in a series of Tweets. He went further and claimed that he "worked hard" in the DA because he sought "to build a project upon which all South African's can work together".

What rubbish?!

With all the DA's racist "fight back" attitude, how on earth could such a project be achieved in a political party that doesn't hide its anti-black politics and policies?

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Where was Maimane when in 2012 the DA stalwart Helen Zille dismissed black students from the Eastern Cape as "education refugees" in the Western Cape? He was just a helpless "experiment" that was useful in bolstering white supremacy.

In her 2016 Not Without a Fight (another "fight back") autobiography, Zille writes about how she helped a "premature" Lindiwe Mazibuko to be the DA's 2011 Parliamentary Leader ahead of the generally preferred white Athol Trollip. She says "there was blood on the floor before a single vote had been cast". Whose blood was on the floor? Black blood, of course.

Yet another "experiment" was planted in Parliament. We all know how that experimental plant was uprooted. We also know how Lindiwe Mazibuko came back to teach us about how racist her organisation was. It is now Maimane who has opened an academy to teach us about how racist the organisation that dumped him is. Oh please, don't tell me he resigned. If we followed the events of that time, we should know that he was booted out.

Listen to Mmusi Maimane contradicting himself. He starts by denying that he was an "experiment", and quickly admits that that experimentation to use blacks to perpetuate white supremacy did take place in the DA. Here goes Mmusi Maimane:

“The belief that others are an experiment is prevalent. You can see even the outlook that the organisation has taken is certainly the one that is not pursuing all South Africans. It is consolidating and ultimately, I think, that is where Tony Leon is playing a crucial role".

Please don't disrupt Mmusi Maimane. He's not done: "The nakedness of the idea that says 'we are in charge, we are the experimenters' is being exposed for all to see".

"Exposed for all to see"? No, Mr. Maimane. It was exposed long before you were born, and you were warned about it. You ridiculed all of us and said the dog was not the dog. Now that you bear the scars of its teeth, you come bleeding to us to teach us that the dog is the dog after all.

How many more "experiments" are out there? Let's wait for the "white man" to remind them.

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