The true story of Mmusi Maimane, the unsung hero of black consciousness.

It all started at church.

Mmusi, a God loving man, saturated himself in black radical theology. There he came to realise the evil of white neoliberalism in South Africa. The unholy system was demonic, seductive - too great to simply fight directly. It was thus he came to his calling, his generational mission. While others fought neoliberalism from without, he would destroy it from within.

He took up acting to prepare for the task ahead. He planted himself as a sleeper cell within the DA - the embodiment of neoliberalism in South Africa. Slowly he began to learn their ways, mould his persona to what they wanted, shoring up power.

He became the perfect agent, parodying whiteness so as to ultimately destroy it. Pushing the contradictions in the party.

He felt the disdain and ridicule of his people - it left him sleepless some nights - but ultimately his love for them was greater. As the party began to crumble, he knew his path was the righteous one.

So he continues his work - our silent protector, our guardian in the shadows #MidnightMmusi.


Mohammed Jameel Abdulla is a freelance journalist and current social media specialist at Tshisimani Centre for Activist Education. You can follow him on Twitter @indie_impimpi