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Said One Mistress To Another

He is not convinced you're hurt; you're not bleeding He forgets you bleed monthly when you're not hurting He doesn't understand your soul speaks the moon's language Yet he expertly gathers rain clouds in your heart But his thirst to leave your earth dry and cracked

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Black Women Bodies

Gabrielle has died more eight times along with all her joy in bundles. Her body has kept her prisoner for decades for being woman, convinced her arms aren’t warm enough to cradle mankind.

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Untold are the ghetto ambitions of nyaope addicted township Messis/ kicking salotape and paper bag footballs/ black born kicking dreams/ kicking Aids/ kicking out kwerekweres/ Untold are the reasons behind the reasons why I kick myself so much/ The reason for the tear in every smile of every dignity stripped domestic rubbish/

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Eh Joe!/ O kopana le mmane’a hao,/ O botsise ka motswala’ hao,/ O kae Anna?/ Kana o botsisa hore o bjang,/ Ba’o botsa hore o bereka ko Clicks.

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