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Untold are the ghetto ambitions of nyaope addicted township Messis/ kicking salotape and paper bag footballs/ black born kicking dreams/ kicking Aids/ kicking out kwerekweres/ Untold are the reasons behind the reasons why I kick myself so much/ The reason for the tear in every smile of every dignity stripped domestic rubbish/

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Eh Joe!/ O kopana le mmane’a hao,/ O botsise ka motswala’ hao,/ O kae Anna?/ Kana o botsisa hore o bjang,/ Ba’o botsa hore o bereka ko Clicks.

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I am woman I am no stranger to blood not all blood is re(a)d red the colour or read the verb but all bleeding is loss not all loss is re(a)d red the colour or read the verb once a man came to bleed between my legs blood is rust

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