Sanya Osha

REVIEW: Asylum by Uncle Waffles

By “Angry Birds”, Uncle Waffles is still not ready to re-emerge from her dusky underworld of unadulterated sound. All the voices here revel in their incantatory tapestry. The gentle and sweet female voices serve as caresses and girlish prompts over a coolly gyrating soundscape.

Riky’s Plight

He had called the music industry “a dark and lonely place”. A scene filled with smoke and mirrors and marred by toxic social phoniness. Ultimately, Riky turned out to be too sensitive for such an inimical ambience. And yet he lived for hip hop, kwaito and amapiano - in short, music generally.

Is Kwesta da King of Afrikan or Katlehong Rap?

Kwesta, real name Senzo Vilakazi, the dude from the township of Katlehong, Gauteng, South Africa - popularly known as K1- who made good, recently dropped his fourth major album titled g.o.d. Guluva after a five-year hiatus. For the first time in his checkered career, the release is executed under his own (hopefully) label, Dope Dreams.

The Mystery of Nasty C’s Clout Chasing

A video surfaced recently on the web showing Nasty C hanging out with Snoop Dogg. Snoop seemed every bit the OG calming and majestically rolling his blunt, casually uttering nuggets of street lore at the head of the table, looking quite convincing as a street soldier turned paterfamilias.

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