The Weekender – Performance, Thought & Art

The Weekender – Performance, Thought & Art

“Have you ever sat, in the centre of a parting glass – Did the pieces cut your soul or just the flesh, I need to know how people have survived this war before. I am told that the martyrs have lived it all, that they have seeped the lees of life itself and I want to know how they rose from the rubble to the stars they now hang from.” Thembakazi Luvuno, In The Centre of It All.

This weekend’s selection in chronological order:

Gig One: HOUSE PARTY ft Sibusile Xaba & Jab A Jaw

Date: 13 September 2019, 18h00
Venue: Dunkelder Theatre, 63 Kent Road, Dunkeld
Damage: R100/ R150 (Bottomless Wine Until Stocks Last)

To celebrate 10 years, the Brother is taking you back to their backyard house party gigs in the form of a series of house parties with fellow muso friends whom they have wanted to be on a curated line up with. Who better than the amazing Sibusile Xaba as the first compatriot with the Jab A Jaw on the wheels of steel.

Further Reading: HOUSE PARTY ft Sibusile Xaba & Jab A Jaw

Gig Two: Gloria Bosman & UJ Choir live in Concert

Date: 13 September 2019, 19h00
Venue: UJ Arts Centre on the University of Johannesburg’s Kingsway Campus, Auckland Park.
Damage: R80 – R150

Inspired by love and nature, this unusual fusion of art forms and music styles will be a first of its kind and a highlight for both UJ Choir and their audiences. The concert will feature choral gems as well as musical arrangements created especially for this event and is sure to be a musical treat.

Further Reading: Gloria Bosman & UJ Choir live in Concert

Conversation: Women In Photojournalism

Date: 14 September 2019, 10h30 for 11h00
Venue: Market Photo Gallery
Damage: Free

The Market Photo Workshop invites the photography and media community to an event to celebrate Women in Photojournalism with six woman-photojournalists in conversation, comprising Ruth Motau, Gulshan Khan, Sebabatso Mosamo, Neo Ntsoma, Miora Rajaonary, Tracy Lee Stark. The event celebrates the contribution of women who work as photojournalists, while highlighting industry challenges and how they overcome them.

Further Reading: Women in Photojournalism

Art: Gareth Nyandoro – Juggling Skills

Date: 14 September 2019, 11h00 – 14h00
Venue: SMAC Gallery Johannesburg, 1st Floor, The Trumpet, 19 Keyes Avenue, Rosebank
Damage: Free

A number of the titles of Nyandoro’s works draw from street slang, at times including patterns of redoubling - most notably, in his unique technique, self-titled kuchekacheka. While the word kucheka means ‘to cut’ (an action associated with many forms of printmaking), kuchekacheka employs the reduplication process in a way that expands this word beyond the simple act of cutting.

Events Near Me

Revolutionaries: APLA DAY

Date: Sunday, 15 September 2019, 10am – 5pm Venue: Ipelegeng Community Centre, Soweto Damage: Free

The Azanian People’s Liberation Army Military Veterans Association (APLAMVA), who were previously combatants of the Azanian People’s Liberation Army, the former armed wing of the Pan Africanist Congress of Azania, will celebrate the erstwhile liberation army’s 58th anniversary at Soweto’s Ipelegeng Community Centre in Jabavu.

Further Reading: Azanian People’s Liberation Army

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Postage stamps have been in circulation since the eighteenth century; more than 200 years later they are still sold but aren’t used as much as they were and are now more of a collection/collector’s item because of the historical value that stamps carry.

Knuckle City: Fisticuffs & Redemption in Mdantsane

Knuckle City: Fisticuffs & Redemption in Mdantsane

Set in the poor, rural town of Mdantsane, known as the boxing mecca of Mzansi, Qubeka’s film follows the anarchical descent of the two brothers into a hellish life as they are driven to the brink by an all-too-familiar toxic masculinity that breaks them down. Over and above a tale of men and boxing, ‘Knuckle City’ is in fact the story of a family’s ability to maintain some sort of unity in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.

Annual FNB Art Prize Winner — Lady Skollie

Annual FNB Art Prize Winner — Lady Skollie

Lady Skollie (born Laura Windvogel) remarks on her win, “as someone who never fit in, someone who dropped out of art school, someone who only got South African representation at the age of 31, winning a local art prize makes me feel like my existence in it is validated.”

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