When Words Become Flesh: Embodied Reading A Podcast

The most loving question one can hear is: “Can I read this for you?” (Seriously, go argue with the birds). In the age of screen time; TV, PC and Phone, reading is also silence time. A solo experience away from all the other people on social media. It's an experience of aloneness. But what about reading aloud. Reading out aloud connects you to your other-selves and other people. Reading-out-loud is normally associated with the horror of Primary school class reading or bedtime stories. But it should not be the past-time for children alone.

As we move through the words on the page; our breaths catch; mouths move, and we sound aloud. The words move through the eye, through the mind and into the body, past the chest and throat into the hearts of the world. Through reading out aloud we can connect with others.
1. noun
the action or practice of a person who reads.
2. Speech.
the oral interpretation of written language.
the interpretation is given in the performance
3. verb
the act of pointing out a flaw in someone else (usually publicly and in front of them) and exaggerating it.

As an adult reading is the work of the body, mind and heart. In the queer spaces; to read someone is to make real or bring to life what is hidden. To read to each other and perform and magically make words come alive Reading is an embodied act. Reading out-loud is an imaginative and active creation of the mind. Through hearing the words, our imaginations go to work and transport us from where we are to a new place. As a collective, we have found much joy in reading and hearing others read.

We have created a space; Embodied Reading podcast as a way of sharing and engaging with various readings so we can enjoy and understand them better. As performers, we believe that when it comes to perceptive processes; knowledge is embodied. Therefore this embodied reading project.

We have collected a number of voices, accomplices, to read with, and for us from different spaces, places and curriculums. We believe that reading out aloud harnesses our ability to know via the performative. Embodied Reading includes open access to curriculum on reflexivity, performance, and critical praxis in the era of digital learning.

We also engage in provocations and projects that dialogue, or reflect add to the chorus of creatives.

Listen to Sophia Barrett-Mlangeni reading Audre Lorde

Sophia is an attorney from London. She is currently studying part-time for a master’s degree in International Development at Birkbeck College, University of London. Her interests include gender and post-colonial feminism.

How to get involved

Please send us your recording of yourself reading an essay or story. The excerpt should be 2 mins long – 5 mins if we are pushing it. (think copyright).
Your audio should include:
• Your name; brief bio.
• I’m reading an excerpt from (the title of the reading. name of the author.)
• Why do I think this is important? (optional)
• The excerpt (2mins max)

This is an ongoing project, and we open to ALL sorts of readings please Email readings to: embodiedreading@gmail.com