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Articles written by Tshiamo Malatji

A New Space to Scream

Despite being one of South Africa’s largest cities, Bloemfontein is not known. The people who control industries in the city want it that way. They keep it silent. A cemetery with streetlights. But art is the evidence of life. It pulses and noises.

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The Magic of Matwetwe

Set in Atteridgeville, what audiences might appreciate from Lediga’s film is its inclusion of social issues, like gang violence and the drug trade. The film could, however, benefit from more nuanced portrayals.

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#Reflection - Art in a Pandemic

I agonised over how to convert the live experience into the online domain. After trying out a few online poetry shows, the magic of real gatherings never once appeared. There was a clear barrier between the artist and the audience, constructed from plastic-metal casing and glass screen.

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Blackness is Insurrection

To understand what demonising Black protesters leads to, we must look no further than the history of our own country where the co-ordinated vilifying of Blackness has existed since the formation of the Union of South Africa. It is not fashionable to use history to analyse present times, but we must first look backward to understand what awaits us when we move forward.

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