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Articles written by Veli Mbele

Black World Salutations: Patrice Lumumba

“[T]he only thing which we wanted for our country is the right to a worthy life, to dignity without pretence, to independence without restrictions. This was never the desire of the Belgian colonialists and their Western allies…” - Patrice Lumumba’s Letter from Thysville Prison to Mrs. Lumumba.

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The Genesis & Implications Behind the Name “South Africa”

When this tactic was eventually exhausted, Afrikaner Nationalist elements resorted to naked racism and violence to legitimise their claim to hold exclusive power within the South African state...On the 31st of May 1910, exactly eight years after the Boers had made peace with the English through the Treaty of Vereeniging, South Africa became a Union. Despite the mistrust in the Boer camp, the Afrikaners, as they now became known, had negotiated and achieved self-determination.

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