Madoda Score Versus Lesoba La Mogodu

Let us do some arithmetic as I am bad in maths...

You buy a V12 Turbocharged Mercedes Benz E63 AMG with over 400hp and add a Shell Power 95 high octane gasoline to get maximum output. Then you realise that jy is 'n bang gat en incompetent driver, so you start using the 93 or even 91 low octane from Sasol. You remove the turbo from that big German machine and install a chip that governs speed to 230km/ph max, instead of over 300km/ph and you still expect people to clap hands when that weakened thing passes like a hearse to the graveyard?

You downgrade the level of education to below lesoba la mogodu standards, to below international or even IEB standards, you remove maths almost completely because bana ba Botsang are as dom as their father in figures except money and introduce a worse than arithmetic maths literacy what what. You firstly downgrade the pass mark from 50% to 40%, then to 33.34%, now to 30% in order to push kids forward and you tick your boxes of success. Literally you drop standards and quality to think you are successful.

Wait, wait, wait, these are the kids under a fallacy of a constitution that says all are equal but they will never set their foot at UCT, Stellenbosch, Wits etc. They will not cope with the 50% required pass rate there and they will have Diplomas and Degrees unmatched to those of their elite Blacks and white kids who can afford private "quality" education?

And you still expect the level headed among us to clap hands and blindly celebrate an over 80% so called achievement while the Engine is no longer a V12 and the octane is lowered plus the standards are dropped? Our kids are being pushed and merely pushed to be nyaopists or workers for whites and white colour privileged Blacks.

We are breeding blue collar workers and neither leaders nor industrialists. Yet we think we have leaders and proper decision makers in this country.