Sarafina! My Story!

Sarafina! My Story!

I hate the killings, i hate the violence but i cannot let another man die for me!

Church bells ringing, hail marry.
After church we have to run!
Sabela is watching to report back to the white men

Guitar is a traitor!
Guitar is the one that told on us!
Guitar sold us out to the white men in fact he sold us out to Sabela the corrupt black police man!

Sabela helped me save my father
I had no choice i had to sell You out!

He left guitar to suffer out on his own
The very same Sabela
For this reason i will never trust a policeman
For this reason you will never see me in a police station
I don't aspire to become a cop i am afraid of the trap!

Gunshots every day after school if were lucky
We hear them during school too
You sense that sarcasm?

I hate the killings but for a revolution they all had to die!

In my time now,
Lets not kill them
Lets kill the corporate field
Lets take over their farms
Lets be more black than we have ever been!

He said "You are powerful because you are the generation that will be free, please god may i live to see it
And i know yes i know freedom is coming tomorrow"

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