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Articles written by Ziphozakhe Hlobo

Writers Thrive in The Time of Corona

As an optimist, I believe after this, we may stand a chance of successfully advocating for a different way of writing – while earning our full salaries. In coffee shops, theatre bars, parks, our own homes and in residencies; finishing our novels, and during our book tours. Sadly, when we look back, it will not have been our employers who led the charge in this long overdue change… it will have been the Corona Virus.

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My Journey with Alcohol

Before I knew it, I was drinking a bottle of wine a night, and I could not stop. My five minutes trip from work to home had Checkers Liquor as an obligatory stop; to get two bottles of wine. If you have ever had a problem with alcohol, you will know the panic that comes with running out of booze – so I wouldn’t risk it.

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The reason he found infinite beauty in the absurdity of the world, amidst the hostility of impediments a mid-aged widower could find himself swathed inside, which could easily lead to glooming days filled with malice.

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Home to Johannesburg

Before I decided to leave Cape Town, I was depressed and saw no future for myself in the company I was working in. I took a R10 000 loan using my last pay slip after I had resigned (effective immediately) and went to a Poetry Festival in Kenya just to get away and go back to the drawing board.

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My True Sexuality

Palm to palm, kissing him until my tongue was numb and I started to eat the residual crusts and crunches of what he ate for breakfast, lunch and supper, Not afraid that this could be hygienically flawed

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Being Loved While Broken

I buried the last one who was here, who sounded like you, in my backyard. He didn’t stand a chance. I punished him for not being absent. He dismantled me. And, the deep unconditional love I never reciprocated is embedded in me as lifetime guilt.

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Delights & Wails

My aunt would always beg her spoilt son to “grace us with his presence” and we’d roll our eyes when he finally came through, beginning our Christmas Lunch tradition long after my aunt had retired. There was often turmoil in the house and her sanity amid the insanity came in the form of rooibos tea, newspapers and gardening.

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