The Art Of Series

A series of bespoke music performances, artist narrative interviews and conversations, filmed live at Untitled Basement, Johannesburg.

Season 1 Premiere 4th March - 18th March 2021 (Video on Demand Stream in HD Video and Audio).

Mpho Sebina performs a collection of her signature neo afro-soul songs and talks through her creative process and challenges of being a creator during lockdown. Legendary Jazz artist Paul Hanmer performs a solo piano concert of titles from this latest studio album and classic compositions through the years, in conversation with Brenda Sisane, they decipher the music and their parallel histories. Carlo Mombelli reunites with Marcus Wyatt after a near decade, he shares in depth description of where he finds inspiration. DJ Kenzhero & Bokani Dyer pay homage to the legendary producer/composer J.Dilla, recreating an array of songs that he sampled… just some of the highlights from each of these rare performances featuring the highest pedigree of South African musicians.

Music as Art is the ethos of Untitled Basement and Artivist, we celebrate the artistry and craftsmanship in the artists/musicians that have graced the Untitled Basement floor (stage). Lead Curators Bradley Williams and Kenneth Nzama, in collaboration with director Lebogang Rasethaba attempt to recreate the signature 'boundary-less' live music experience in the Basement, where the artist and the audience essentially merge to become ‘the collective performance’. With no stage, just the performance, the art, the music as raw and honest as it’s created. The director captures the soul of the artists through the perspective of the audience and exposes all of the performer's beauty and vulnerabilities in ways never experienced in film.

The series is created by Bradley Williams and Lebo Rasethaba, Directed by Lebo Rasethaba and Art Director Dylan Lloyd. Unlike the general music streams, these shows offer some of the highest production value one would find in music films today, the quality we became accustomed to with live music DVD concerts. Each performance feature high-definition audio recorded by renown engineer Gavan Eckhard, Edited by Dein O'Toole. Audiences can expect a high-quality production and a beautiful in-home music experience.

THE ART OF Series is available as a Premium Video on Demand (Pay Per View)

Exclusively on Untitled Basement’s Quicket Page, click here to purchase VOD streaming credits: Artivist presents THE ART OF

Costs - R120 per show (3 screenings per show/household)

Or R360 for the series of four shows