Mugabe Belongs To Us

Mugabe Belongs To Us

The social media reviews of Dali Tambo's interview with His Excellency, Cde. President, uBab' uMugabe, has once again buttressed my view that, we South Afrikan darkies, are arguably among the most politically ignorant people in the world.

Many of us rely sheepishly on the mainstream racist-capitalist media for our political and economic education and our views on Zimbabwe and uBab'uMugabe are no different. We have imbibed all the negativity and lies that the mainstream media has fed us about Zimbabwe and Mugabe and many of us have not even bothered to read alternative sources or visit Zimbabwe (for those who have the means). Yet, we want to speak with authority on this subject.

uBab'Mugabe didn't just fight British settler-colonialism in Zimbabwe and white racism, but he also supported (not just theoretically), the Liberation Movement (which the DA was not part of) in Southern Afrika, by among others, providing protection, accommodation, training and passage to the leaders of the BCM, PAC and ANC and their armed wings (Azanla, Apla and MK).

In fact, prior to 1994, when the Liberation Movement needed a safe venue to plot the future of our country, other leaders in SADC were afraid, it was uBab'uMugabe's ZANU-PF that provided the venues, accommodation and security for these talks. If you don't know this, ask your elders in the PAC or ANC (because in AZAPO this knowledge is standard). And today you read (with utter disbelief), on the FB status of an ANC leader, that uBab'uMugabe is a "Dictator" and "human rights" abuser. A "Dictator" and "human rights" abuser, who defended the lives of your own leaders (in exile), with his own life? I want to ask my comrade in the ANC - is what happened to Andries Tatane and the Black mine workers in Marikana - not human rights abuses? Sies! to say the least.

As a country, under the direction of the ANC, we have moved heaven and earth to welcome some of the worst murderers and human rights abusers in modern times like Clinton (Bill and Hilary), Bush, Blair and Obama. Yes! even Obama (with his drones) is killing innocent civilians-the world over-like flies. And we continue to sign trade deals with their respective governments. Now, has our government ever complained to Bush, Blair, Clinton, Cameron or Obama about their human rights records? No! we haven't and you know why? Unlike Mugabe, Castro, Gaddafi, Ahmedinejad and Chavez - South Afrika's leaders are simply terrified of Whites and the West. Period! I know some call this cowardice "a strategic approach". This view is unadulterated cowdung! There is nothing "strategic" about South Afrika's foreign policy under Pres. Zuma. It is just pure cowardice and ignorance. If there was any "strategic" thinking in South Afrika's foreign policy, under Pres. Zuma, would South Afrika have voted with Western imperialist countries, in support of Resolution 1973, which essentially facilitated the assassination of Colonel Gaddafi (by that heavily armed criminal gang called NATO)?

It is common knowledge (at least to those who have it) that, in modern history, America, Britain and France have the worst human rights records. Yet they have the nerve to call those leaders, who dare to tell them to fuck off, "Dictators", "War Lords", "Human rights abusers" etc. These are in fact titles that Western leaders have earned with unparalled distinction. Their warped sense of justice should also explain why Western intelligence has, over the years, developed (and in some cases succeeded) plots to demonise and ultimately kill anti-Western imperialists such as Lumumba, Sankara, Mugabe, Castro, Guevara, Ahmedinejad and Chavez. There is therefore no doubt in my mind, that, if an opportunity presents itself, the West will not hesitate to kill uBab'uMugabe.

Even though you sometimes find individuals who are devoid of substance (intellectual and ideological), in critical positions of political leadership, that doesn't mean we must approach politics and international with the same mind set we approach celebrity gossip. Practical politics is not as simple as our journalists make it sound - it is a very complex (and sometimes confusing) subject, that must be studied patiently and painstakingly.

Equally critical, now that some of us have internet access (and therefore access to various information sources) - we must get into the habit to reading credible alternative sources (before we paste things on our fb statuses). Because clearly, our institutionalised academic training is putting us at an embarrassing disadvantage in the discourse on matters that concern the Afrikan continent, its history and that of its leaders.

Finally, like all leaders or human beings in all spheres of life, uBab'uMugabe has his frailties (some of which he acknowledged in the interview with Dali Tambo), but the one thing you can't take away from him is that, he fought (not on facebook or twitter) against white racism, settler-colonialism and imperialism and continues to do so. And this why he is loathed by the elite (in Mzansi and elsewhere), but adored by millions of poor people the world over. Simply because he says those things that many of our revered leaders (in SA) are afraid to say.

The primary reason why uBab'uMugabe appeals to us darkies (of a particular political consciousness) is because, unlike many of Afrika's leaders today (South Afrikan in particular) - he is not afraid to tell the West and its hypocritical leaders-where to get off. uBab'uMugabe is ours and we must say a million voetseks to the West and their Mantshingilanes, on our continent and in our country. Voetsek to you all! AFRIKA SHALL NEVER BE A COLONY AGAIN!!!

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Veli Mbele

Veli Mbele

Veli Mbele is an Afrocentric essayist and secretary of the Black Power Front.

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