Bereka Mosadi

You know that clean shaven guy with a confidence bigger than his garage - and that thing fits three cars! Yes, him with the rich history and a few (Pty) Ltds under his Holdings company. The one whose turnover has enough zeros to pay three accountants and a psychiatrist to play golf with him. Yes, the one who doesn't smoke, but Cigars, because Cuba! You've probably read about him, because you Googled him trying to find out how he lost it all and got it all back and is still giving some away. They read his profile while he gathers knowledge, and writes out manuals for their path. The guy who sleeps late and wakes up early and still manages to fit in a six pack from gym. They say he runs, but he never chases after girls, because curiosity slows them down anyway. The guy with the plan, a business plan and a backup plan. Him. Yes, the guy they grew up with - they are all grown up now, unaware he never stopped growing. I hear he's busy chasing summer offshore the upper ends of the global village. A trail of stamps with every new language he learns. That guy...
We want to bed him
We want to need him
We want to wed him

We want to be his beneficiaries, and maybe even take his surname and half of his glory. We want to be his trophy, and calculate our worth so he can work even harder to afford us. We want to enjoy the spoils of his association, and pack more luggage than his when we trot the globe holding his hand. We want to bear his spawn to secure an everlasting connection and loyalty. We want to be his Queen, because he is already a King.

And while we spend precious time beautifying ourselves in front of the mirror, for his amusement of course - we do not see the truth. We brush our expensive hair strands carefully, colour our lips and pout, and turn to admire the castle built around us. We did not lay a single brick on there. There is no trace of our sweat on the walls of his empire. We have been lodging like all the other King's guests. Spoilt. Catered for. Pampered. Even on days when he gives us the keys to his Kingdom, we will not attempt to explore. We do not open any door. It is our confinement in his bedroom that deprived us the opportunity to learn how all this came to be. We are not curious. We have no desire to learn how all his success was begotten, we are too comfortable with the benefits. We know that he loves to share with us.
We are his, he belongs to us.
We will never learn the tricks of his trade.
We will never be successful in our own right.
We will never be like him, but we're happy because
We bed him
We need him
We wed him

*Dedicated to the Women who understand that it's too late in the century to only aspire to marrying rich - ‪#‎BerekaMosadi‬