Disassembling Mutle Mothibe

Disassembling Mutle Mothibe

Mutle Mothibe in association with Ub’dope Shishini present Disassembling Mutle Mothibe, four nights of storytelling.

Dates: 17 October to 20 October
Venue: Kippies (Market Theatre).
Times: Thurs-Sat 20:15; Sun 15:15

Disassembling Mutle Mothibe is a 60-minute journey into the life and work of poet and writer, Mutle Mothibe. Inspired by the titular character in Mary Shelley’s 1818 novel Frankenstein, Mothibe allows audiences into his moments of reflexion, where he aims to disassemble the many influences in his life, to reveal his true self.

Disassembling Mutle Mothibe is a heart-warming self-reflective, sensitive, finely crafted biographic mixture of poetry accompanied by sound and visuals to tell the tale of Mutle Mothibe. A unique journey about adolescence, love, loss, grief, memory, and identity which unfold through the use of music and visuals to tell a personal narrative about relationships and the lessons that come from it. Exploring the life of an artist recalled and reconstructed through memory, remembered moments from the past, fading memories, conjured up conversations, snippets of music, truths and half- truths.

It is an ancient human attempt to connect our present to the past by mapping our relationships with the one’s we love. Using memories of his childhood, youth and his adult life, Mothibe tries to find a place he calls his own and a voice that is distinctly his.

Using different spoken word pieces, some dating 10 years, he looks back at his work and the experiences that have shaped the poet he is today.

“I get to unpack the different poems using different kinds of media. You get a personal tour through my mind, heart and the little spaces most people would overlook. Interactive, intimate and sincere it will allow people who have looked into my work to finally sit next to me and dissect them from a more personal stance.”

Hear my tale, it is long and strange.

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