iPhupho L’ka Biko - Qamata Festival

The ability to dream is one of the most important impulses that a human being can have because it is through dreams that our realities and futures are constructed. It was in 2015 when we had a dream of an Afrika that is radically different from the one we exist in now. We had a dream of an Afrika that is animated by love and justice; a world where we can all breathe freely as uQamata intended and it is because of these beliefs that the band iPhupho L’ka Biko was formed. Since then the dream has been shared by many and has found resonance in many spaces, through song we have been able to provide an anecdote of the Afrika we imagine. All of this is attributed to uQamata, our enabler.

Day 1, 28th November – Imbewu

We pay homage to the many ancestors and living ones who came before us, those who planted the seed and made it possible for us to dream differently. They assured us that our dreams are valid and worthy of being pursued. They cultivated and natured our gifts so that we too can say, better tomorrows are possible regardless of the horrid past we come from. On this day we pay tribute to all those who created the perfect conditions for us to constantly become and overcome. We say thank you to the likes of Miriam Makeba, Madala Kunene, Busi Mhlongo, Stimela, Kutu and other greats for doing it before we could think about it. Taking us down memory lane will be Muntu Vilakazi from HealerS BreW on vinyls.

Day 2, 29th November – Inhlabathi

The past and the present are always in conversation. We understand that even though we come from a lineage of beautiful ancestry we too have a responsibility. We have a responsibility to respond to some of the questions that confront us today. For our responses to echo through the ages we have to sing in unison. On this day we call on all sons and daughters of Azania who are grappling with the same questions as us to join us in interpreting and sharing Biko’s dream. We will be accompanied by the likes of Siyabonga Mthembu, Mawethu Nkolomba (Queerpatra), Makhafula Vilakazi, Duma Nkabinde, BLK Thought Music and Hymphatic Thabs. Giving us an overview of our contemporary musical landscape will be Vusi Hlatywayo from Fly Machine Sessions. We will be showing love and appreciation to Kwani Experience, The Brother Moves On and Urban Village.

Day 3, 30th November – Umthi

“Here is a tree rooted in Afrikan soil.’’ It is up to us to decide what we do with it. We can use it for shade, we can prune it or we can destroy it. But important to remember is that the tree does not only belong to us but it also belongs to those who come after us. The fruits of this tree bear the seeds that will illuminate the way for the children of the future, the children of Afrika. On this day we share with you the fruits of the tree and hope that the divine nectar replenishes you and it quenches the thirst of both your soul and your spirit. Before the main performance we will have a vinyl session presented by Buntu Wangari and an outdoor performance of igwijo by the Mfaz’omnyama Ensemble and Kokorumba.

iPhupho L’ka Biko family:
Nhlanhla Ngqaqu (bass)
Miseka Gaqa (vocals)
Sive Mqikela (vocals)
Zwelidumile Jonga (vocals)
Pulane Mafatshe (vocals)
Koketso Poho (vocals)
Sibusiso Mkhize (vocals)
Abongile Maurice Matyutyu (vocals)
Moeketsi Kgotle (vocals & percussion)
Mawethu ‘Queerpatra’ Nkolomba (vocals)
Makhafula Vilakazi (poetry)
Kokorumba (igwijo)
Mfaz’omnyama Ensemble (igwijo)
Duma ‘Vuka Mntom’nyama’ Nkabinde
Sibusiso Malindzisa (keys)
Thabo Matsime (keys)
Lebohang Lebakeng (keys)
Lebohang Moleleki (drums)
Tshiamo Nkoane (drums)
Steve SA (drums)
Nkululeko Khumalo (guitar)
Athamacwera Ngcaba (trombone)
Godfrey Mntambo (alto sax)
Muhammad Dawjee (tenor/soprano sax)
Khutjo Nkwana (alto sax)
Buntu Wangari (vinyl selekta)
Muntu Vilakazi (vinyl selekta)
Vusi Hlatywayo (vinyl selekta)
Tshepo Bopape (visual art)
Levy Pooe (visual art)
Mzoxolo Vimba (visual art)