Be A Bad Bitch

Be a bad bitch. But not too bad of a bitch. Be a bad bitch on my dick. Your bad bitchery must not extend outside of my parameters of bad bitchidom. Don’t be extreme about your bad bitchery like those lesbo feminists. Don’t wear too much make up because you deceive us but wear makeup because you look ugly without it but we must not see it even though we don’t want to be deceived.

Have a small waist and wide hips and a bubble butt. It doesn’t matter where you get them from but get those proportions because we will decide which parts of your body fat is acceptable. But remember not to dress like a hoe when you have them. Be respectable yet not a prude. Also, pick up a book bitch. Stop with all these selfies and butt pictures on Instagram (but it’s ok to send me naked pictures on whatsapp because it’s just me on there) and read Sobukwe or something. Stop with that weave but remember to have a big straightened Afro so that you still look feminine.

Also, be Black Conscious but also light skinned (don’t tell me you use skin lighteners because I will make Facebook groups shaming you) but of course Black is beautiful but not for me. Be mixed race so our kids can look exotic. No, no, no! I love Black people, how can you say that is self-hatred? It’s a preference. Anyway, read a book bitch. But don’t read too much. Don’t read beyond the particular kinds of men I prescribe to you. Also, are you remembering to look pretty while you read bitch? But not too pretty because you will cause me to rape you. You digg? Ok, sharp. Let’s continue. Read ke. But don’t read books that are different to mine. Don’t read books that are going to contaminate your mind with “white feminism”. What is white feminism? I don’t really know. It just sounds wrong and there is evidence that it breaks up the black home. Oh and have money. Yes, the black nation is oppressed but somehow come from a good family. Get off child support and get a job you lazy twerking bitch. But don’t make too much money more than me. I am the head of the home. But have money and stuff.

Have you sent me those naked pics yet? Also, don’t be too sexy on them because when I am mad at you I will post them all over the internet. But yeah, be a bad bitch.