Trump & Biden – Two Sides of The Same White Supremacist Coin

I always make the point that, when we as Black people seek to determine the importance, relevance, or value of an idea, institution, or individual, the most reliable instrument is our history as Black people, and how we understand it.

It is not surprising that the US presidential election is dominating the news media not just in South AfriKKKa, but all over the world. This is not because there is a fundamental political contest between the Democrats and Republicans. There is none!

As it has happened before, this year's US presidential election dominates the global news primarily because of the position that AmeriKKKa occupies in the world. AmeriKKKa is not a country but an empire.

AmeriKKKa controls the destinies of many 'sovereign' states across the world. This is palpable in, among others, the hegemonic position of the US dollar over the currencies. Have you ever wondered why the US dollar is the dominant currency, globally?

This hegemony is palpable in the power of AmeriKKKa in the global multilateral system and how this system (in the form of the United Nations and its agencies like the IMF, World Bank, WHO, etc), is literally at the mercy of AmeriKKKa's plutocracy.

In contemporary terms, AmeriKKKa's globalised hegemony was bolstered by the fact that, towards the end of the 20th century, it emerged as the dominant global power, post the Cold War era.

And because of this almost unassailable position, AmeriKKKa has developed a stronger penchant for prescribing the structure of the international relations system, in accordance with its interests.

Look at the consequences of AmeriKKKa’s imperialist proclivities in such countries as Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya (where Afrikans are being traded as slaves as a result), Palestine, Syria, Yemen, Ukraine, Venezuela, Bolivia, Haiti, to name but a few.

In fact, in contemporary history, no country has overthrown more legitimate governments than the United States of AmeriKKKa. From Central to South America, from Asia to Afrika, AmeriKKKa has assassinated heads of state, rigged elections, and set up a plethora of puppet governments.

It is AmeriKKKa that assassinated Ernesto Guavara, carried out over 600 assassination attempts on Fidel Castro, and the many similar attempts on both Hugo Chavez and Nicholas Maduro.

All this is the reason why AmeriKKKa has the biggest military in the world, with over 800 known military bases (in various parts of the world), including 29 such bases in Afrika as part of AFRI-COM.

Have we as Afrikans ever wondered: what is the purpose of this massive AmeriKKKan military presence in Afrika? Can you imagine a situation where AmeriKKKa or any western state allows say Zimbabwe or Nigeria to set up military bases within its borders?

Domestically, the AmeriKKKan government kills and incarcerates Black people more than any other demographic in the US. This is something that has its roots in the Nixon years and the so-called war against drugs.

The killing and mass incarceration of Black people in AmeriKKKa didn't stop even when AmeriKKKa had a president of Afrikan extraction (Barack Obama). So what makes us think the killing and mass incarceration of Black people in AmeriKKKa will stop if Trump is re-elected or Biden replaces him?

The position that Black people occupy in AmeriKKKa today has its genesis in how AmeriKKKa came into being, over 200 years ago. The United States of AmeriKKKa came into being as a direct result of the genocide against the Native Americans and the massive enslavement and lynching of Black people, who were brought there as slaves.

Are you aware that even the highly revered AmeriKKKan founding fathers such as George Washington, owned Black slaves? This is the foundation upon which AmeriKKKa, its banks, and other financial institutions (that dominate the global economy), were built.

This is the foundation that unites the Democrats and the Republicans. Therefore, when Trump says 'Make America Great Again', what he is saying is: consolidate white supremacy.

Even though he is portrayed as a friend of Black AmeriKKKans, Biden is not interested in dismantling white supremacy in AmeriKKKa. Like the Clintons (Bill and Hillary) and Obama, his disagreement with Trump is not on the legitimacy of the project to bolster white supremacy, but rather on the detail of its implementation plan.

So, if you're Black (regardless of where you may be in the world), don't be fooled by the spinning of the white-capitalist media that seeks to reduce the US presidential elections to a simple choice between Democrats and Republicans or two personalities.

In the context of what AmeriKKKa represents at a foundational level, Trump and Biden are two sides of the same white supremacist coin. And this is why Biden co-opted Kamala Harris as his running mate, for her to essentially serve the same purpose that Obama served: to make AmeriKKKa’s project of white supremacy appear legitimate in the eyes Black people.

AmeriKKKa will never be a pro-Black or pro-Afrika state. It was never meant to be. Equally important, is the need for us as Afrikans to always remember that, under a capitalist order, elections are nothing else but an instrument with which the plutocracy secures the endorsement of the excluded and marginalised groups, for the purpose of legitimatising a system that is violently anti them.