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UJ Weekend of Jazz

“Jazz musicians and their audiences are feeling the decline of Jo’burg City’s iconic jazz circuit and it is imperative to create new spaces where artists can let their riffs run wild and audiences can revel in the sound.

Nwabisa Plaatjie’s Double Bill at the Baxter

The compelling double bill comprising Florence and Wine in the Wilderness, make their South African premiere at the Baxter and they have been carefully chosen to pay tribute to the evolving black woman who should not be defined by a single, limited image or narrative.

Zu. Returns with Allow and Third EP

Having already released two seven-track Eps, Ndim Nawe and Ndim Nani, the husky voiced Zu. is back to mark Women’s Month, with the release of a music video for Allow, a single off Ndim Nawe, which was released in May. Its release is the build-up to the soon-to-be launched EP, Ndim noMculo which concludes the trilogy and will be launched later this month.

uNkomish'yetiye & A Case of Zamalek

I must be honest though, our weddings are more spectacular. In our weddings, there is a lot of meat. Lots of singing and dancing. People get showered with booze until they swim in it. Ours is a three-day event, taking place for the entire weekend.

Phila Ndwandwe

Her death and grave came to be known, when her killer asked for amnesty for her brutal murder. Her killers testified before the TRC that she was repeatedly beaten and kept naked for 10 days, until she made herself a pair of panties using a plastic bag. When they realized they weren't going to get the Commander to betray her comrades, her killers blindfolded her, took her to a veld and shot her in the skull.

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