Jazz Writer

Mandla Mlangeni & Friends

Villa Simonne's enchanting gardens, idyllic surroundings, and meticulously designed spaces are nothing short of a masterpiece. Here, you won't just hear music; you'll experience its essence, and you'll connect with fellow enthusiasts of culture and jazz connoisseurs.

Black Music Live @ Joburg Theatre

Mogorosi offers reflective encounters of black study in communion and assembly with the audience. This gathering is about taking a journey together and pausing to reflect, taking in what is offered, digesting, and then moving forward to a destination unknown.

The Music of Our People – The 2022 KULTURE Blues Festival

It will be the first time that Jiyane performs his globally acclaimed album, Umdali alongside the Uprize Ensemble which will feature talented vocalist, Nonku Phiri. Ever since inception, the Uprize Ensemble have never performed together live on stage.

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