Kamvelihle Goba

No Gods, No Gurus: A Response to Joel Netshitenzhe

It is in this light that Busisiwe Mkhwebane dared to touch the untouchables, by demanding that ABSA should “pay back the money”. This was the move that started her woes. Netshitenzhe interestingly refers to this as “prima facie evidence of incompetence and wrongdoing”.

Busisiwe Mkhwebane & The Fight Against Patriarchy

Advocate Busisiwe Mkhwebane is under attack from real patriarchy. Media, judiciary and politics. The latest attack on her is now financial harassment of tax records using SARS to intimidate her.

How To Steal A Country: The Biggest Post-Apartheid, Apartheid Lie

To make this case, I will concern myself with the historical and political formation of the Union of South Africa in 1910. I will give an illustration of the State founded on the revolutionary Marxist-Leninist paradigm, and show how white monopoly capital propaganda in South Africa (as a political tool for mass mobilization) has mobilized and captured even the fiercest of yesteryear’s revolutionary sensibilities to complete this biggest ‘post-apartheid’, apartheid lie.

Dudu Myeni: A Litmus Test for SA Black Feminism

There is a political contest between the forces of the ruling elite and their appendages who are heading the state against the working class, which in this case is the only voice that can counter rampant neoliberalism of privatization of state owned enterprises. This contest is also carried out in the terrain of the ideological state apparatus wherein the media, radio, newspapers, bourgeois academics all echo the sentiments that Dudu Myeni plunged SAA into a financial abyss.

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