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Articles written by Kamvelihle Goba

Revolutionary Medicine: The Ideas of Dr Ernesto “Che” Guevera & Dr Salvador Allende

With global capitalism at an impasse, the response to disease, sickness and healthcare argues for the creation of a new generation of doctors. Post World-War 2, countries embarked on the creation of social security for their citizens. Human rights, social rights, the right to health, shelter, food and to life became the cornerstone through which building a new society would be modelled

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Dudu Myeni: A Litmus Test for SA Black Feminism

There is a political contest between the forces of the ruling elite and their appendages who are heading the state against the working class, which in this case is the only voice that can counter rampant neoliberalism of privatization of state owned enterprises. This contest is also carried out in the terrain of the ideological state apparatus wherein the media, radio, newspapers, bourgeois academics all echo the sentiments that Dudu Myeni plunged SAA into a financial abyss.

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