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Articles written by Noluvuyo Mjoli

Imbuzi Ikhala Kuphi?

What is that thing Bab’ uCredo speaks about in his book again, about goats and ceremonies? Oh yes, I remember it now. He says goats are representative animals, that let out our cries in the spiritual world. Thus, a goat is slaughtered on our behalf.

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Polyamorous (Black) Love

I am currently in love with an effeminate man, and a bisexual woman. This is probably my third polyamorous relationship. Why am I dating two people at the same time? I often have to make my sexual partners aware of my complex DNA make-up, which has a side that is almost masculine and almost feminine.

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Sisober, Mntase!

As an alcohol and cigarette person, the ban on these goods was devastating to me, at first. At some point I even brewed three 20L buckets of varying alcohol mixtures, which plucked me up so bad that I ended up giving away most of it. I had done this to 'cope' during the lockdown but as it turned out, it just made me loathe the smell of alcohol.

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