Noluvuyo Mjoli

Children of the Fallists

Today, Azania is ready for her first time in school. Disappointingly, she worships English as if it is better than any other language. I blame her father for that. The pre-school he had put her in prioritised the language more than our indigenous tongues.

Imbuzi Ikhala Kuphi?

What is that thing Bab’ uCredo speaks about in his book again, about goats and ceremonies? Oh yes, I remember it now. He says goats are representative animals, that let out our cries in the spiritual world. Thus, a goat is slaughtered on our behalf.

Sisober, Mntase!

As an alcohol and cigarette person, the ban on these goods was devastating to me, at first. At some point I even brewed three 20L buckets of varying alcohol mixtures, which plucked me up so bad that I ended up giving away most of it. I had done this to 'cope' during the lockdown but as it turned out, it just made me loathe the smell of alcohol.

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